Friday, June 19, 2009

I have an idea

Just went and looked at Shades's blog and saw lots of eye looks posted. Does anyone want to do stuff like that here? Do various looks and post eyes, lips, whatever, with a list of products you used and how you applied them? I know not everyone wants to show their whole face on a public blog (just crop the eyes or lips and show them) but I don't mind myself; I think everyone knows from the photos on my own blog what I look like. Long as I'm not horribly broken out beyond hope of all concealers. lol

If you're directing customers here by any chance, nothing makes people want to buy makeup more than seeing an awesome look that's been done using it, with instructions on how to duplicate it.



  1. You are so crazy Miranda! Ferris bueller is my favorite movie from the 80's next to the Breakfast Club of course.

    I would luv to do this..I was gonna post some wedding pics I did, but I did not bring my camera the last time I did makeup for the bride so,I must wait and get permission from the bride once her pics get back. I'm sure she wont mind me posting her "eye" especially since I hooked em up!!! She looked so fabulous!

  2. Once I get set up at home with my camera I can upload some looks (here at work I have nothing but a crappy cell phone camera). Tonight after work I'm doing a haircut for a girlfriend. After that if I still have some evening left I can do some looks, or else tomorrow. I gotta assemble my MK stuff and see what combinations I can make with it.


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