Tuesday, June 9, 2009

making eyes

Here is an eye look to try.

Shadow Colors: honey spice, sienna, blue metal, vintage gold.
Liner: Black, brown, or navy
Whatever shade of mascara you use

First, use primer on your lids. I really suggest you get one. Your shadow will look brighter and last longer. Good ones are: Boots no. 7 (CVS or CVS online), Aromaleigh (online), or Urban Decay Primer Potion (Ulta or Sephora).

Now, apply honey spice from crease to browbone. Then put blue metal on your lid. Add sienna in the crease, add vintage gold on top of it and blend them together, then blend where the crease color and highlight color meet. Now put vintage gold in the outer V of your lid and along your lash line, which brings the blue together with the rest of the colors. Then apply liner and mascara.


  1. I have a dumb question. Why are you recommending a non-MK eye primer? You do know we make one, right? And it's fantastic. I sell it like water and my clients rave about it.

  2. You *do* make one? I did not know, thanks for telling me. Is it liquid or cream?

  3. Its a cream and it comes in a little tube so to speak. I like it, you should try it.
    I know MK4ME has some in stock, so you know she will hook you up!

  4. Rock n roll. Let me shoot her an email.

  5. It's great, Miranda, and it's waterproof. ;) Eyecicles works very nicely as an alternative to primer for those with dry skin. I use that for every day and I use the primer if I'm going to be exercising or out in the sun or humidity for an extended period of time. :) Just my two cents.

  6. I have an eyesicle but I've been wearing primer under it to cut down on creasing. My eye area is about average; neither dry nor oily. However even with my current primer, if my eyes tear up from allergies, away goes the eyesicle. :( I retouch things a lot on bad days.

  7. My skin is crazy. I'm combination/oily. My eyelids are weird. They get dry and flaky if I wear primer--even when I moisturize! My allergies have been crazy lately, too. I haven't even been wearing makeup most days.

  8. Perhaps you are reacting to something in that primer. What happens if you try a thin layer of concealer on your lids instead? I have a girlfriend who does that.


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