Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MK look for the club

This isn't a new photo, but I already have it on my hard drive so I'll start with it...

eyes: Steel(lid and inner crease), Sweet Plum (outer crease and outer 1/4 of lid), coal (deepest outer part of crease) black liner, Ultimate mascara
cheeks: Cherry blossom
Lips: (discontinued color) Plush violet
face: cream to powder foundation Ivory 1


  1. luv this look, hey maybe black cherry lipstick will fill the void of that plush violet that has been discontinued. What lip liner is that? and what do you have on just under the brow bone arch, (highlighter color)?

  2. I don't think I used actual lip liner, just the lipstick. The highlighter color is a light pink by Ulta. Black cherry I do have; I really like it!

  3. the ivory 1 matches perfectly, it blends right on in with your neck. very good.
    Hopefully I will be able to post one of the looks I did next!

  4. I put foundation on my neck because I have adult acne on it. :X Does prevent color changes from face to neck though!

    Look forward to y'all's posts!

  5. Wow, Miranda! You look great! I love that look. :)

  6. Miranda I dont know why when I saw your pic I was expecting to see some 18 year old party chick..LOL
    You look good though better than Marilyn Manson. Goths around the world should be proud you ad a taste and chicness to goth.

  7. Colleen, I'm 40 years old. 18 was a long time ago! Lots of eldergoths, say 25 and up, have developed good taste and style over the years (plus baby bats tend to be broke, working with whatever they can afford, lol).

    Marilyn Manson is actually a shock rocker, though plenty of goths listen to his stuff anyway. For some good, current gothic and darkwave music, check out projekt.com (that's a record label).


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