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Words from a Former Director

Thank you so much for posting Lucky Law Girl! Your testimonial is strong and I feel worthy of a post all of its own. I hope it is okay to feature it as a stand alone instead of just a comment!

LLG said...
Hasn't anyone ever heard the phrase "buyer beware?" I am a former director and although things did not work out for me, I harbor no ill will towards the MK company. I went pretty fast into becoming a director, but then didn't really have the sales or active team members to support my unit. I did not, however, get myself into massive debt trying to hold onto my unit or to buy my unit in the first place. I just can't believe what I have been reading over on PT!! I don't see how people can make their own choices to buy inventory they don't need, etc, and then blame it on the company or their director. Nobody can force anyone to do anything they do not want to do!! As far as the buyback policy, it is clearly stated on the intouch website and on the IBC agreement! it just makes me shake my head that people are so easy to blame others for their decisions.


  1. Please comment and share often. I am sure it will help others. Are you still a consultant or did you quit all together?

    Did you make the mistake of posting on pt and trying to say that we should be responsible for our own actions? ouchie if you made that mistake.

  2. I tried being a consultant. I gave it one year. I discovered that I do not have aptitude for sales because I am just not comfortable dealing with strangers and was unable to change that. So after a year I said, well, I am not making money and I'm getting my 90% back. I explained to my director that it was business plain and simple...wasn't making money, chose to stop. Not a big emotional thing for me. Yeah, I took a certain amount of loss. It came to about 1K after taxes.

    I don't feel like a loser now and I didn't feel like a loser then. Different people have different talents for making money. When it comes to cosmetics, there's a name for people like me: Customer. I'm fine with that.

    I agree, explaining this on PT is gonna be a waste of your time.

  3. I didn't know my post would hit front page news, but that's okay :-) I stopped being a consultant for a while, got rid of all of my MK products (almost), prizes, etc, but then signed my agreement again, let it lapse, then recently (less than 2 weeks ago) I signed my agreement again. I'm not sure exactly what I am going to do with MK this time, but I realized that my skin needed the products! I have been using a variety of department store products the last couple of years and wasn't seeing the same results. I didn't want to purchase my products at full price, so I am here again! Lots has happened in my life since I was a director-- I am now married and we just bought a house. (I was a director in 2006). I am bummed that I was not able to hold on to my unit, but that's just how things go. I know one director in my area who has been a director off and on several times, without any stigma, etc. Several directors have also dropped off- including one big-time caddy director, but I know she was pretty big on the frontloading.

    MK4Me-- could you share a little about your director story? How you came to be a director, how long it took you, etc? It seems that you have been successful in sales and I would like to know how you were able to do that? I think it is a great product, but I recruited everyone and had a hard time hanging onto to my customer base!

    As I said, I harbor no ill will towards the company whatsoever! I made every decision and plugged my credit card in for orders, nobody did it on my behalf. I did have a little debt, like Miranda, but nothing crazy like I have read about on PT. By the way, I did not waste my time posting on that site. I have read it a bunch, but just got a bit frustrated with all the "but I didn't know what was happening" talk. There is pressure to keep your unit together and to stay in leadership once you are there, but like the director I mentioned, you have to follow your own personal compass-- I suppose it is easier for me to say because I had a good job to fall back on.

    I also feel like it does take a monetary investment to get any business going. Mary Kay has said "you can't sell from an empty wagon." That is so true, but it doesn't mean you need to start with a "full-store." I started the first time with a $1800 order and probably will do the qualified order this time. I think it is hard to get products just for yourself with a $200 order, let alone if you wanted to sell anything. At least with a qualified order, you get some free product.

    As a customer, I want things now- especially cosmetics and skin care. If your skin care is not working for you or you are excited about it, who wants to wait 7-10 days? You want your skin to look better now, not 2 weeks from now. I know that I am also more apt to purchase more if something is available. Ever go to the grocery store and buy more items than you went in for? You think of things you need/want on the spot.

    Also, I have been so frustrated with the whole "show me your schedule C" talk on PT. Anyone knows that a business takes several years to become profitable after initial investments, etc. In addition, I think many directors/consultants probably work with their accountants to have deductions to lower their liability. This is allowed under the tax code. Therefore, having a loss or deductions does not really prove anything on your taxes!!


  4. I also changed my moniker to protect the innocent (me)! mk4me, can you edit out my name on the OP and change it to luckylawgirl?

  5. Thanks mk4me!

    Love to hear others thoughts on taxes, inventory, sales, etc!

    I'm really glad that this blog exists! There doesn't seem to be much "balanced" stuff on MK out there.

  6. thanks to you lucylawgirl. that is what Dave wanted to acheive when he started this blog and it is good to hear that "our Mission" is actually producing the results we are looking for! Please share often.

    Ever want to write an article, we love input!

  7. and may I add, that Miranda is a darned GOOD client too! :)

  8. OK its nice to see a posting from a former director who does not blame the company. Dont get me wrong Im sure there was some heartache and rethinking with you
    Lucky Law Girl and Im not discounting any anguish you may have had. I am amazed that you signed up again! I sense that there is a place in your heart where you want to be a director again or at least have a team and make some decent commissions. I know you have been there done that and you are to be commended for even getting to the position of sales director! I hope that you find the happiness, or sales skills or whatever it is you are looking for on this blog. No sense in promoting negativity you dont need that right now. I think you want to find and keep a place in MK that you feel comfortable with whether its personal use, team leader director or whatever you feel comfortable with. Welcome to our group.

  9. Thanks Colleen! I do miss the camraderie that I felt in my personal unit and when I was a consultant. My husband asked me: do you miss the social aspect, the products, or the selling? I said, can it be all of those things? So, I think at this time- I will be a cross between PU and low-key catalog sales.

    I am the belief that any venture is what you make of it-- you learn from things good or bad?!

  10. I will share more but this is my "second life" in Mk. I only rejoined to be a personal use consultant, get my product at cost instead of retail and help one of my "first life" recruits earn her car as her #12! Had no intentions of ever doing more than personal use when I rejoined. hahaha -years later!! tbc

  11. I don't mind waiting a week or so to get products. It's just like with medicines...reorder stuff before you totally run out! I'm used to ordering everything online incl clothes and shoes, and transit time is usually around a week. It consumes less of my personal time and prevents me from getting my blood pressure up in parking lots, crowded stores, etc. lol

    Now there are some people selling makeup online where you wait like a month or more for shipping. *that* is too much. I gave up on them ages ago.

    A friend of mine tried the pink MK mask at my house the other day. She was like OMG YOU HAVE A MASK THAT ISN'T GREEN AND UGLY. I said have at it, try some! she liked it because it didn't dry her all out. So if she makes purchasing noises MK4ME I will direct her to you. I also told her I could help her do her face for her belly dancing show. Will send you her business if she decides she wants to buy MK colors.

    I wore Sweet Plum to the club last night with Coal in the crease and Cherry Blossom on my cheeks and Black Cherry on my lips. Mineral powder foundation. When I get paid I gotta get more mineral powder. I will want Ivory 1 I think. Right now I am broke, boohoo! Because stuff keeps breaking that has to be fixed ASAP at the house. :( *cries*

    anyway. I'm rambly mcramblerson. *waves*


    Interesting article!

  13. sweet plum, and coal..i bet that was pretty!

  14. Miranda: that's good feedback to hear about not minding to wait for products. It is true that if you are an established customer you can just plan for your products like you would an Rx. I think though if you are a new customer you are excited and want things right away. Sounds like Mk4me sends things quickly and that probably works for most people (with new online ordering culture), but if you had to wait 2 weeks or something- I know I would be bummed!!

    I like your creativity with the colors Miranda-- awesome tips! Have you used the cleansing cloths?

    Colleen: I couldn't find the article- I tried the link, but it said the article could not be found.

  15. Yup I sampled the cleansing cloths. They would be great for your skin care classes. For myself I use the oil free eye makeup remover and the 3 in 1 cleanser.

    Even when I try new stuff, a one week wait or so is okay. I don't get impatient unless it's over 10 days.

  16. Maybe I am just impatient!! :-)

    I thought they might be good for the gym or traveling. I haven't tried them yet. What about the new lip balms?

  17. I know there's a sample floating around the house somewhere that came in my look book. I gotta locate that and try it.


    Try this link luckylaw girl

  19. Lucky law I cant get the link to print and when I copy the article
    this blog says its too many characters. If you put the link in and type in mary kay director where it says search you will see an article on China and the second article is the one that is the one I tried to post. Im sorry its not much its about a successful director who has been in since 1991


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