Thursday, June 25, 2009

eyebrow pencil

OK so I got out my brow pencil and did the best I could lowering the inner half without shaving anything off or drawing too far below where the hair actually grows...I could get it about 1/16 inch lower. scuse the crappy cell phone pic; that's all I have on me right now.


  1. For something so little I like the diff, what do you think? good call or bad?

  2. yikes, Miranda you look like my Auntie Gloria when she was younger!

  3. I think it's good. Err, was your aunt Gloria Italian?

  4. She sure is - 100%. And even though she is over 70 now - her hair is still jet black, (she colors regularly and uses the soft black eyebrow pencil if she sees the grays in between colors - need I say she takes excellent care of herself and I have a private stash of Crimson lipstick for her).


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