Monday, June 15, 2009

Product reviews

3 in 1 Timewise cleanser for dry skin
MK eye primer
Shell lipstick

Two thumbs up for all three of these.

The 3 in 1 cleanser gets your skin well and truly clean without stripping and drying it. Great for effortlessly getting all your makeup off after an evening at the club, not to mention every day. It's a big tube and it will last a long time. Also removes body makeup such as the theatrical tattoo cover I use to hide the allergy rash on my legs.

MK eye primer: a creamy, waterproof liquid in a tube. No irritation. It goes on invisibly and dries smoothly, no tacky feel, no grabbing your brush bristles as you apply shadow. Holds shadow where you put it and prevents creasing/fading until you take it off.

Shell lipstick: if you have light to medium skin, this is that "your lips but better" shade that everyone searches for. Work appropriate anywhere, yet not boring. Excellent moisture and staying power.

Oh and one more...MK loose powder foundation. I tried Ivory 2 which matches me well in this particular product. I like this much better than the pressed version. Medium coverage, very natural look, super silky feel. Doesn't cake up and get nasty on your skin after a few hours like some other brands do.

Make sure you test foundations and powders for color match before you order. For example, in the cream to powder foundation I could wear Ivory 0.5 or Ivory 1, but in the mineral powder, I seem to be an Ivory 2.


  1. Miranda, you have such a talent for writing! thank you!

  2. You're welcome!

    I always thought I was kind of a crummy writer honestly...I just sorta call em like I see em. lol


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