Friday, June 5, 2009

MK Face at the Club

I'm sorry I didn't get a photo. My camera battery died when I tried to use it last night. Mr. Gothboy has been using my camera and then the battery is all tapped out. :(

Anyway...on eyes:
Highlight: Moonstone
Lid and crease: Cranberry Ice (Dear MK: WHY did you discontinue this? Bring it back!)
Outer V: Coal
Eyebrows and eyeliner: Coal, applied with damp angle brush
Lashes: MK waterproof mascara, black

Cheeks: Desert Bloom

Lips: Black Cherry

Foundation: MK loose powder mineral foundation applied with a flocked sponge, over MK moisturizer, with Ben Nye theatrical redness concealer used in places. Yes, I have to use actual theatrical concealer when I'm broken out.

If you don't have Cranberry Ice eyeshadow, you could try Sweet Plum or Raisin or Cinnabar and layer Precious Pink over the lid so that part isn't *too* dark. Never be afraid to blend stuff together.

Anyway, I danced and sweated and even got rained on and the makeup still held up great. Used to be when I had cheaper stuff on, at the end of the night I looked frightful. I'd go to the diner and look in the bathroom mirror and go AAAHHHH and wash my face in the sink! No more.

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