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The Good, The Bad – The Ugly, The Pretty

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  1. Jon, have you considered Wordpress for your blogs?

    It's much easier to leave comments than on blogspot.


  2. I have just gone to the Wordpress website and poked around, and I like what I see. I will explore a little further, but I think that is a very good suggestion.

    Do you know if they allow advertising on their free version?

    I have been frustrated lately with the way the comments work here, this may just be the solution I am looking for!

  3. I really enjoy the balance you give to pink truth. I have been a poster there for a while, more of a lurker, though. I agree with alot of what they say. I had a bad experience in MK. Fortunately, I didn't lose money we didn't have. It would have been easy, though. My director would call at the end of every month. Once she even called at 11:30 p.m. to see if I wanted to place an order before the month closed at midnight. That phone call was NOT appreciated. I went in with the $1800 package. I told her I could spend that much. She told me it was better for her to choose what I should purchase since she knew what sold. I trusted her. She bought me a bunch of stuff that became outdated 3 months later. She bought a bunch of stuff for African American women. I live in a predominately white area. I felt cheated. Sure, she didn't hold a gun to my head. But she did abuse her position. And she spent $2400 total. Way over my budget. I was furious! So I can understand why so many former consultants are bitter and can only see the bad in MK. If I would have had a credit card I am sure my director could have talked me into buying more inventory. Thankfully I didn't have a CC, only a debit card. But they are trained to overcome every objection you have. And it is hard to say no when they come across as knowing what they are doing. Some outright lie about their income. So you follow them, thinking that they know what works and what doesn't.

    I do think that Pink Truthers go too far and are extremely immature in some of the posts, but they have been deceived and humiliated. We are told by our recruiters that we were approached because of how bright we are. Then we are duped. And looking back it's all so clear. So you end up feeling so incredibly STUPID.

    But I do appreciate the balance. Mary Kay is wrong in a lot of ways. But not illegal. And Pink Truth is bitter. And only stating their opinions. I will continue to lurk here. Thanks for the site!

  4. Judi,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Mary Kay.

    Feel free to 'lurk' as long as you want. There has got to be a better word for it than that. I can't think of anything off the top of my head so go ahead and keep 'lurking'!

    Feel free to weigh in at any point. All opinions are welcome!

  5. Hi, Just found your site from Me's. Will check more when more time.
    Good Luck

  6. I LOVE this blog. I had debated signing up AGAIN with Mary KAy. I've signed up 3 times in the past. Never did well...but then I got out of it what I put into it (nothing). But it IS a good company. Pink Truth made me nervous until I started reading more and more.

    What I don't understand is how they call it a cult becasue Mary Kay women rally around each other and support one another. Yet the women on Pink Truth do the SAME thing...they rally around each other. Even to the point of becoming bullies to anyone who questions their comments.

    Great job...


  7. Angie,

    Thanks for stopping by, when you have more time, and get to look around, please let me know what you think!

    I appreciate any and all input I can get!

  8. Janette,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I hope that this site will help you decide confidently whether or not Mary Kay is for you!

    Most likely the cult-like nature of Pink Truth will find its way into one of my posts in the near future.

    There are many discrepancies between the 'gospel' Pink Truth preaches and that which they practice. I aim to reveal their lies and present a more accurate and helpful guide to consultants and those considering joining.

  9. Thanks for this site! But to tell you the truth, I am so tired of the MK blog wars that I rarely post on any of the blogs anymore. I was a regular on ME's blog and some others that are no longer available. I am pro-mk and, like you, I am generally offended by Pink Truth's manipulation of facts. Many of us were there in the beginning and really worked hard to get lurkers to see both sides. It has worked to some degree. I just want to encourage you to continue this site so that those new to the MK internet war will know that Pink Truth in NOT the truth.

  10. Foreverpink,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement.

    I do not really intend to 'battle with Tracy', my goal is to simply create the definitive (alternative) Mary Kay site.

    I think that she really believes that Mary Kay is evil through and through. As a result, she has lost any sort of journalistic credibility she may have hoped to achieve.

    However, because of the popularity and high page rank on her site, she still APPEARS to be the authority. This to me is unacceptable.

    I envision a site/blog/message board that far surpasses hers in its scope and reach. There will be no need to point out her ignorance when everyone has a place that is safe to visit and no one goes to see her anymore.

    It will be a lot of work, but I am completely confident that we can accomplish it.

    Thanks for stopping by, and please check in often as we hopefully will be growing quickly!

  11. Hello from Sweden! *waving*

    Thank you so, so much for this noble endeavor! I started my MK one year ago (here in Sweden where it's a bit different than in the US from what I gather, something I'll gladly discuss). Since I consider research to be vital for anyone going into any business, I used the Internet to find out as much as I could about my new company.

    A few things about my Sales Director made me uncomfortable from the start, so considering the search terms I used it was no wonder I came across Pink Truth. It stopped me dead in my MK tracks and for a while I was unable to function properly as a new consultant. To balance it up, I visited a few super-positive sites, but they all felt just as one-sided. I gave up on finding a neutral, balanced site/blog and decided to use my common sense and reasoning skills while navigating the hateful and the ultra-cheerful.

    It's been a difficult year. I have success (compared to most of my sister consultants), but I know I could have more if I just checked in my brain and followed my SD blindly. Doing that always leads to really uncomfortable situations though, and PT has really helped me identify and beware of signs that my SD is looking out for herself more than for me sometimes. Standing up for myself is getting harder and harder, the more I climb that "golden" ladder. That's where I draw strength from PT, but I really don't want to quit MK, I want to do it the way I hope/think it was meant to be done from the start. And that also means not losing your (healthy) optimism.

    So, again, thank you ever so much for setting up a place where I can be a Mary Kay-consultant without losing my way!

    I will check out your blog regularly, for sure!

  12. Hello from the United States! *waving back*

    Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a regular visitor. I hope in the near future to make this site easier to navigate and chock full of advice about what to avoid, and what to expect realistically. I am so glad you found us!

    It sounds like you may have a lot to offer in way of keeping a balanced perspective. If you ever feel inclined to write about any specific or general experiences you have had in your struggle to maintain your integrity and values while building your business and team I would welcome that with much gratitude. I also have seen things on PT that warrant sharing and things on the ultra-positive sites that are immensely valuable to anyone wanting to be successful. I hope this site strikes a healthy balance and can be an invaluable resource to many.

    Keep standing up for what you believe is right. It may take longer to build your business the right way, but it is so important that you build a solid foundation.

    Again, thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hello! I really like this blog. I am a Mary Kay consultant in Manitoba, Canada. I started 4 months ago. So, far it has been a positive experience. I want to mention that my team leader, my director, my adopted director, and the other consultants in my unit are great. My unit has been number 4 in sales across Canada. To me this means that the way I am learning to do things works. I am a full time student and have a part time job. I find that when I talk to people and invite them to know more about MK, I usually have sales. I don't like to be pushy and I accept no as an answer. No one ever forces me to order or to do things that I don't want to. I get lots of support. I understand the people who had bad experiences. I have also heard some bad experiences from people in other units in my city. So, I know that there are people who do Mary Kay business the right way, and there are people who do not. This sounds pretty obvious since human beings are capable of good and bad behaviours, and we see examples of these every day.

  14. Hi MKFromCanada!


    Sounds like you are on the right track!

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  15. Curious , along with Missy the CatJanuary 19, 2008 at 2:51 PM

    Just stopped by to visit your blog and say hi!

    If it's OK with you, I'll be adding a link to your blog on mine.


  16. Hi Matilda,

    Wow, Sweden ... now that's a ways away.

    As a director's husband, I've investigated international recruiting and the European plan. The point system used in Europe is a little confusing to me.

    You said that some of the things you were being encouraged to do by your director that left you uncomfortable, and that standing up for yourself is "getting harder and harder". Can you be more specific? thanks.

  17. I'm thinking about signing to sell Mary Kay. I'm a junior in college with a very busy schedule, but I have time at night and on the weekends to devote to this business. I've been to a few "parties" including a grand opening and a local "success meeting" i think they're called. I like the consultant that I will be signing under but I feel like the director would tell me anything as long as it made her more money. I want to just pay the initial $100 to start and then have my own "party" with friends/ family. The director said I would need to buy at least $600 worth of product to hold a grand opening and I am just not willing to pay that. Instead, I plan on using half of the profits from my first couple of orders to buy only a small amount of inventory (the ones that have sold the most). SO... do you think this is a good plan or should I not even try to sell if I don't follow the director's advice?

  18. Hi! This is interesting! It's nice to hear other bloggers' experiences about MK other than the PT garbage!

  19. I'm glad to see that it is not all negative out there about MaryKay. It's a Sales business you make it what you want of it. Have a great day.

  20. Like many others, happened upon PT by accident and was very appalled -- and concerned. It appeared as whining to me, but kept wondering why? Then I found this website and sincerely appreciate it. It is truly balanced.

    My 4 month experience in MK has been wonderful. Just have to share so that others will realize what life can be. I went to a MK debut for a family member about a year ago. No pressure to buy or join, just an offer. I bought the RUB because I am at that point in my life where I am starting to enjoy pampering myself. Found out that I loved it and became a very good customer.

    Went to a few events to support my cousin and found I enjoyed the women there, but still no pressure. Her director (who was becoming a good friend) even told me she felt obligated to let me know she was there if I wanted to talk about the opportunity, but she didn't want to bother me, I was always welcome at events and if I ever had any questions, just let her know.

    Needless to say, I found myself thinking about it, asked her lots of questions and then signed my agreement. Still no pressure. I was told to call her AFTER I had received my kit and ask questions when/if I was ready to order inventory.

    I could go on, but I have found this experience liberating. My initial 2400 order was placed by my director, but I got NO color. Was actually disappointed since it was hard to do follow ups, but she said she would share and help me with color when the new shades came out. She didn't want to load me up with product that would be discontinued soon since I was building up a customer base. Focus on skin care and when I had profits to invest in color and was ready she would help.

    She has even called me when she felt I ordered too much Sec 2 too son. How cool is that?

    My goal is to build up a solid customer base to have something to do after retirement. I have been encouraged to do just that. Have been constantly reminded that it is MY business and work it as I want to. And yes, I will get out of it what I put into it. Isn't that true of life?

    My business so far has come from mentioning to friends what I am now doing. Some have said they are not interested in trying a facial, so we are still friends with the same old relationship. Some LOVED MK and were so excited. I told them if they had a consultant I would not take them. Some begged me to sell to them because they were not happy but loved the product (consultant didn't carry the product, wasn't available very often, just wanted to sell but wouldn't do conults, etc). After much deliberation and talking with my director, I encouraged them once again to go back to their consultant and let them know they weren't happy. I now have some very dedicated customers, some who chase me down because THEY ARE OUT AND NEED IT NOW!

    I love that part of the business and love working with my customers. I am now very busy (when I choose) and love showing the new minerals. I was never a girly girl but find it's ok to get together, giggle and pretend like we're really pampering ourselves.

    So -- I'll quite rambling. Just wanted to share and say you do make it what you want to make it. Remember, it's YOUR business and I have never had a job where I could make it what I wanted to make it. I love this opportunity!

  21. I have owned my Mary Kay Business for one year and nine months and I am truly enjoying myself. The training I am receiving is awesome and it feels extremely good to spend time with positive goal oriented people. I receive pleasure in the smiles and positive comments I get from customers when they share with me how the skin care products have improved their skin.

    I have personally witnessed within my unit, a consultant opening her business and not only earning the use of a career car but also acheiving Director status within 6 months. Applying focus and determination helps each consultant reach his/her goals. Just be willing to work as hard for yourself as you would with any corporate position you may hold and you will be successful. The only obstacles in your way are the ones you place there.

  22. Hi All,

    I realized I left a comment yesterday without fully checking out the blog and looking into this section. Sorry! What I have seen so far has been very informative, fair, and so much more positive on both sides than PT. I can understand being burned by something and feeling resentful...but hostility never got anyone anywhere. Having an arena to express yourself and get positive response from both sides is so much more productive. Thanks for this site!

    PS. I prefer "skulking" to lurking... :)

  23. Welcome Adrian C, glad you kept reading to find out what we are all about. We truly want a site that will provide balance and assistance and help consultants who are in the business. There will be some who have not-so-wonderful directors and this site may help them not to be used and manipulated while being able to accomplish their MK goals.

    For a consultant with a good director, it can be support and another way to share ideas.

    For someone who was wronged by a recruiter, a director, or a nsd to see that there are some good ones out here and perhaps help them understand what went wrong. I know it won't fix things but it may help them understand it wasn't them as much as the advice or guidance they got, or in a few cases their desire to acheive something but maybe taking short cuts to get there is what happened, not the "MK doesn't work" excuse.

    And believe it or not, it opened my eyes to keep on eye out in case I ever have an overzealous consultant that may "fake" it to "make" it happen and protect her from herself. In my many years in MK, I must have been pretty sheltered because I still am in shock and awe at some of the stories I have heard about how some "got it" -

    Stick around and let us hear from you often.

    Dave, the moderator is a great guy and provides a great site for us but a very busy guy so we need to make sure we give what we can to keep the site helpful and alive.

    I think we have several great regulars and I hope you become one of them.

  24. Thank you for having the integrety to host a pro MK blog. I have been a MK customer for 38 years, and an on/off consultant for 10 years. I love the products and the company. When my business fails it is because I fail to work the plan MK set up. When my business is successful it is because I work the plan. When I see those negative blogs I just know those are people who refused to follow instructions. Use all the tools MK gives us to have the best results. It is a proven sales program and a lot of fun.

  25. Welcome wowmom4.

    thank you for visiting, hope you visit and comment often.

  26. Sorry, you have no argument, as far as I am concerned. That MK uses religion and the idea of "sisterhood" to recruit women, while glossing or completely omitting the finer (and distressing) details of selling makes them evil, as far as I am concerned. Being self employed in any capacity is a difficult way to make a living. How can you say that MK does not lie when Mary Kay's own SD's state on their websites that a IBC can make a part-time income doing 1-2 SKC a week, working 3-5 hours? And, that they will make 50% on their sales? Though it might seem naive to anyone who has worked for themselves, newbie IBC's do not realize that being self-employed involves many, many expenses, & you cannot merely count the hours spent selling in calculating your hourly wage. If this is not lying, I would like to see an example. Though there may be good people, with only the best intentions, in MK, this does not mitigate the harm done to innocent people by their actions. You might have an argument with the immature or somewhat nasty attitudes shown by some posters on PT, but after listening to some of their stories, I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, & let them rant & rave. You might also realize that there is a fair amount of self-dislike showing through by some PT posters,re all the comments about certain SD's personal appearance, etc. Yes, I have been a MKC, & I have seen & experienced most of the abuses first-hand. The comment, left by Judi, detailing how her SD took her Debit card & bought more product than Judi had agreed to, must tell you something. I have known people who signed up for other MLM schemes, small business franchises, etc. that seemed risky, but these people were not plied with religion & told they were going to "empower women" & all that sort of nonsense. It is the absolute height of cynicism to manipulate women in this way. If most of these women had been in MK a year or two & had lost a few thousand dollars or so, it would be no big deal, but some of these women were involved for decades, worked hard, & have little to show for it. The communication to SD's warning them to to tell their IBC's about the product redesign should also tell you how poorly MK Corporate treats their IBC's. Not sure how you can defend that. MK's products are also unfocused & overpriced, with the constant repackaging, reformulation, and Limited Editions, but that is a subject for another day! Best, Sue.

  27. Hello and welcome Cassandra - I have many new consultants that hold one or two classes a week and make fair part time money so I do think it can be done. Also.. it is a fact: we buy our product at a 50% discount which means... if sold at retail you would earn 50% - that would be your gross profit. After expenses your net profit would be less but the statement in itself is true. (In any business, there will be a gross prifit and a net profit or net loss).

    As for good and bad directors there are both. As there are good and bad people everywhere. I assure you, you would be hard pressed to find one of my unit members that have ever felt manipulate by use of religious beliefs. As for anyone thinking about going into "mk" and being self-employed, they better be willing to educate themselves on the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. MK is not for everyone -

    As for your statement that the products are unfocused and overpriced, well, you are entitled to your opinion and I mine. I love our products and do not feel they are overpriced and judging from my large client base, obviously they don't feel that way either. And I am glad the products change with technology because personally, I would not want to be using the products that you had to mix with water and really only catered to dry skin.
    Often, I think if a consultant didn't love the products and feel they were fairly priced, it is no surprise that perhaps she did not do well. If you don't believe in what you are selling, why would anyone want to buy anything from you?

    and as far as believing the posts on pt, some stories are very true, the ironic part of it, is that many of the very directors they complain about the most and that used the type of behavior that is complained about and bought their production, unit, etc and ran up high credit card debt are the ones confessing to doing the wrong. I would appreciate it if they didn't speak for all of us, as I can not speak for them... just because someone else couldn't do it, doesn't mean no one can do it. Since I am on such a roll, as they continue to read some of the directors say that they "were" super successful while in MK - Cadillac units, top trips,etc..but turn around and say that they were deeply in debt, just goes to show there is a difference between "looking" successful and actually being successful.

    I would rather not go on a top director ship and have no debt - than the other way around.

    So I guess it boils down a matter of prespective.

    As far as directors having to tell their consultants about the packaging changes, it is in black and white in the Applause Magazine, it is on intouch and I am sure most every unitnet site. Individuals just need to accept some personal responsibility for what is going on in their lives.

  28. Mk4Me - Thanks for the reply. Though you might think a rational person, & you are obviously one, would be able to deflect the relgious attitudes of the MK world and the "you are are enriching women's lives" attitude, some women are very vulnerable to that sort of thing, & it is probably that type of woman who would not do well in the sales world. You sound as if you have done it the correct way, & congratulations for that. However, you must have read the communication regarding not telling consultants too early-on about the product changes, because they might hold off on reordering. Of course they woud, because it's in their own best interest, not MK's, but that shows whose interests MK is looking out for. That does not sit well with me. I also think that if some of these IBC's sat down & figured out their hourly wage they would be shocked. MK also presents the opportunity as one that you do not have to investigate too deeply, making it seem simple. It's only later on that you find out about the true costs invovled in putting on a Beauty Show, the meetings, Hostess gifts, samples, etc. I realize some Dir's do not charge for a meeting, my own did not. I could give you the SD's name so you could see where she states that a BC will make 50% on sales. Nobody mentions "gross profit", or "net profit", neither does anyone start talking about the hostess gifts, freebies, discounts, & other expenses up front. It's misleading, if not an outright lie. If a Director said, initially, that an IBC's expenses would be a certain amount, say between 15-20%, it would be much more clear, but that might scare people off. Your remark that MK is "not for everyone" is interesting, as this attitude does not seem to be widespread throughout the MK world, SD's & IBC's seeming to want to sign anyone who can come up with the initial $100.00 & sign their name, again, you do not sound like that type of person. As for the product, I loved it, long ago. In the early 70's, MK had relatively few items in their product lineup, & this was sold as an advantage to us Consultants. It was also reasonably priced at the time, & different from anything else on the market. Just BTW, I loved the DR that had to be mixed with water, thought it was so unusual! Anyway, good luck with your MK career, if all the people involved were like you I am sure it would be a better company. Cassie.

  29. Thanks for the conversation Cassie, this is what I think helps everyone - especially those still in MK that may not have the "best" of directors.

    I can explain the "not letting changes out of the bag too early" thinking. (I have been around for awhile - so I am only speaking from watching my own unit members) - but it can backfire as far as consultants (not all) but just plain stop working because changes are going to happen, so instead of continuing to work and sell product, they stop working and then aren't selling anything while they "wait" - it just makes sense if you are waiting, you are not making any money. The tough thing is trying to figure out what is early enough and what it too late. But we do alot of training on transitioning and how to sell down current product and gimp along with low quantities until you can build back up after the change. (Inventory management)

    My ibc's success and financial well being is foremost with me. A productive, profitable consultant will stay a consultant - one that isn't making or worse yet loosing money, isn't going to stay. I prefer knowing if I am going to take my time to train and mentour an ibc she will be with the Company for awhile. It isn't good for either one of us if she comes in and then poof she is gone. I wish everyone thought this way (I realize some don't) but to me it only makes sense because otherwise you are putting yourself on the hampster wheel of always having to find new people. Hope this is making sense.

    As for figuring the hourly rate, yes there would be shock, both ways. Some clases are going to rock, $50/ $100 an hour, others are going to s*ck = $0 = $5 , but over all if you stay consistant and book - the better you get with your class and making sure your bookings hold, the higher the averages go. One can not look at just one snap shot - it has to be a period of time.

    As for investigating the Company, the basic concept is fairly simple but there is alot to learn - I won't deny that. My typical approach with my team building comes from building a relationship with the person as a client that has been a hostess, has an understanding on what we do and the products so it isn't like starting with no knowledge.

    I agree with you that there are sd/ibc's that think everyone needs to do MK. - Often it is a very zealous new excited consultant that can be sometimes hmmm... obnoxious.. but let's be realistic, not everyone is going to be good at everything.

    Mk is not for everyone, especially if you are not a people person and I wish all consultants would remember it is better to "attrack people" than to "attack people" -

    Thanks again for the dialogue!

  30. I have been coming on this site for several weeks now. I've been in MK for almost 7 years (not really doing much though). However, I decided in January that I wanted to reboot and give it another go. That's when I stumbled across PT. That really knocked the wind out of my sails. I have struggled with certain things, and the site seemed to validate all of those insecurities. Of course the longer I looked around, the more obvious it became what the site was about...I'll leave it at that.
    Anyway, I'm so glad I've found this site. I wish that there were more suggestions for doing things correctly on here though; training I guess. For the most part I believe that the SDs and IBCs on here have great integrity and are trying to do things correctly. My SD is a very sweet lady, however, I often struggle with her ideas and she lives three hours away. I was not a customer before I started selling, so I had no experience with the company. I basically contacted my recruiter and signed myself up.
    I feel like I'm rambling now, so I will just say that I am glad this site is here. Thank you for your honesty, both positive and negative.

  31. When I first went into your blog, I thought that I had finally found a positive blog that consultants and directors would help each other with the obstacles that we encounter with our MK business until I encountered "Blessed" (who does not seemed to be blessed) who is just a bully who wants to whine and he was going on and on and others were "egging" him on. It did not take me long to get out of there. I can go to Pink Truth to get the bullying and whining which I detest! I do not have the time for such nonsense. I am truly disappointed. In the beginning I was very impressed with how you were answering bloggers, David, but like I said, people like Blessed are only interested in "picking fights" and not helping others.

  32. Happy in MKpink stick around you just might like it there is more positive than negative here. We just allow people to speak their minds. You have a right to your opinion though and I respect it.

  33. Hi "Happy in MK Pink",

    It seems like you went to a lot of trouble to say nothing at all...

    I'll play...

    What is your game here?

  34. Happy in MK Pink, thanks for visiting. We are trying to provide a "balanced" place. We want to be able to help those in MK, those looking at MK, and even those that have been in MK and perhaps didn't fair so well. We want to point out where one can get into trouble and how to prevent pitfalls.

    Nothing is ever all posetive and perfect. By not acknowledging that things can go wrong and not perhaps sharing ways to avoid poor choices - we can not accomplish our goal of helping others.

    The majority of our members are currently in MK and quite happy with their MK businesses. If we didn't have any other voices we would be like many of the other posetive sites and how would that help anyone.

    Yes, we agree that Blessed is a character and try as we might, we have not been able to get him to change his view point or admit that we all have choices. He does bring discussions about that can benefit everyone.

    I hope you keep reading because I think most of us agree, we actual do provide some good stuff!

  35. I just want to say thank you for this site. I just signed up to be a beauty consultant a week ago but found PT this morning. I felt depressed after spending hours reading that site, thinking that I had just gotten manipulated into a scam and imagining all the ruined relationships I would have if I continued.

    I knew that I did not want to make money the manipulative front-loading way, that I did not want to focus on recruits to make my money but rather that I wanted to focus on selling the product itself. I had no idea if anyone was successful selling MK with integrity, which PT seems to think is impossible. But I was/am willing to try it.

    Then I found this site. And it has given me hope again, and I am not worried that I will go to my first meeting tonight and just think bitter thoughts or get "sucked" back into the "pink fog". I feel like I have a clear head--a balanced mind. I'm pulled out of both the "pink fog" and the "pink truth fog." I know that I can make a profit if I approach this business with integrity and an honest mind that acknowledges the pros and cons of MK! And I am looking forward to my business as an MK consultant.

  36. Welcome to Balanced, givingall, I am so glad you found us. Stick around, ask questions, comment, and share....

    build your business right from the getgo... don't blow smoke, don't over sell, don't lie or cheat, don't buy recognition. Demo and sell the product, provide excellent customer service. Learn everything you can about the products, order of application, and get to know your clients, don't be obnoxious, ask politely, accept both the "yeses" and the "no's" graciously. Some no's will become yeses as they see you grow. Be you... don't turn into a MK stepford wife where all you do is eat, breath, and sleep MK. One can be successful in MK and it doesn't need to consume every waking minute, that is a promise!

    There is a great business opportunity, with wonderful products at a very competitive price, loads of information, and.... plenty of information available for anyone to do great.

    As with anything,it will be great for some, good for some, fair for some, and lousy for some, but you will never know until you try it.

    Best Wishes for a prosporeous endeavor and remember we are here for you!

  37. Hello! I really like this blog. I started my MK business last May and haven't done much with it - convinced my mom to have a party, a couple in-laws, spread the word a bit, but not much. I have a toddler and another one due in a few months, and I'm a teacher, so I was looking for ideas and inspiration to kick off my business again [I don't do much during the school year]. I came across PT by accident and left it feeling really deflated, so I went looking for something more positive...and here I am.

    I love that you get a "balanced" opinion/idea about MK (after all, that's the point). It also helped me see the one-sidedness of the PT site (you can't even post anything positive!)

    Anyway, I have a meeting with my director tomorrow who is NOT one of those conniving, pushy women, so I'm hoping to gather some much-needed insight and inspiration from her to continue moving forward.

    So thank you for allowing all opinions on this blog. It really helps to see the whole picture.

  38. mkmommy - welcome and thank you for you compliments. That's what dave's goal is for this blog "keeping it real". It is my hope that we help all avoid pitfalls that may exist and show ways that this opportunity can be a great way to earn either part time income or building until it can be a fulltime income and more!

    ask lots of questions and comment lots!!

  39. Hello,

    I have been with Mary Kay for about a month now and have so many Pros. I love the products and the other consultants are very nice and motivating. I enjoyed reading all of the comments, but one in particular really made my rough day, more positive and motivated me. kyredhead... (I think that was the spelling.) Thank you. I have been feeling so intimidated about approaching people. I do believe in the products, but I cant handle the rejections very well. I guess that comes in time. I love talking about the products to people, but there is always someone thowing some negetaive vibes in a positive confersation, trying to discourage people. I just dont knowhow to handle them very well. Any suggestions? What about advertising to people outside of your friends and family? I want to be successful in this business and know that I can, just need to build my confidence. I would love to get some motivating feedback by anyone else with similar experiences. How did you get pass it?.. Thank you, Shatina

  40. Great blog!! Very helpful and thoughtful!

  41. I find this blog site refershing since having joined MK as an Ind. Beauty Cons. last summer and already have gone through some personal struggles that have perceptively haulted a successful launch of my business, but to no fault of anyone but myself. After all, I am a beliver that we are in control of our lives no matter the circumstances.
    I have read a enough of the 'Pink Truth' blog to notice that it is a consortium of negative energy based on individual experiences. Not fact of how everyone will experience the Mary Kay journey.
    There are people that come up with their own product and start their very own business and then...(I don't like the word "fail") but for lack of a better And there are people that take on the same venture and succeed. Why? Because every individual is different and will run a business differently.
    In comparison, Mary Kay is a business, however, as an independent consultant, you 'adopt' the business and marketing plan. If you believe in it, you will launch it with 100% motivation and sensability. If you expect the MK opportunity to just "work" for you? You will go wrong. The business does now work for you. You make it work, right? With any business, that is the case.
    I have an amazing director, whom I now personally refer to as my "mentor" because she is honest, well vested in the business (30+ years into it) and encourages me at all times, no matter the circumstance. I have lost 2 immediately family members in the last 6 months, have had a tough time with my full time job and have 2 children whom I just want to be with all the time and she has been extremely supportive through it all. I practically dropped off the face of the earth for 3 months when my father and grandmother passed away (2 weeks apart) and she showed so much support and concern that I am just so grateful for. Even just as a person, never mind that she is the Director of my unit. She genuinely cares and I fully trust in that.
    The Mary Kay business means a lot to me and although I haven't made a dime yet, but not without confidence that this business will someday support my whole family and my husband will be able to retire early, I am willing to give it my all to finally disolve my full time corporate job and be able to witness my children grow and give them all anything and everything they need.
    So, thank you for creating this site and for sharing your belief in your wife's business and Mary Kay. This is again...refreshing.


  42. OT:

    Question: If I have a customer return a Satin Hands Scrub because the pump is broken, do I do a product return for the whole scrub, or is there a day code for the pump itself? It just seems silly to waste the scrub. I just gave her a new one from my stock, but now I'm wondering what to do on my end...

    Anybody know? Thanks.

  43. I would return the entire product. What will you do with the scrub other than use it yourself? And ten you lose that value. The company will replace it.

  44. I am going to be a new SC but old one kind of too. I signed up to sell MK 13 years ago and I did not think that the product was all that great back then and I don't think that you made as much off of selling it either. Anyway I gave up on it and didn't even place an order. My good friend is a SC trying to become a SD in a few months and she has been so positive in every detail possible, she gives me encouragement to go out and make a business for myself, like she did. She makes a lot of money selling MK. I would say sometimes more than a 1000 a wk when she wants. I just want to say that what I have learned, seen, and looked into, MK is like any other self owned business, it is what you want it to be or what effort and time you put into it. You can not just sit on your behind and make money, you have to get out there and present yourself to people and represent MK as a wonderful product and honestly if you use the products, you will see that they work and it will give you motivation to go out there and share that with others. I have used the facial kit for a week now and have noticed a huge difference in the crows feet around my eyes, the wrinkles on my face is looking so much better, my hands are smoother, and my body is getting firmer from the toning lotion. I want to look young again, and I think that any other woman would want to as well.

  45. I just want to say "thank you". A friend of mine just signed and she found the pink truth web sited & started to get freaked out. I found your website & sent her the link & she's not SO freaked out now.

    I'm being as up front with her as possible & trying to help her manage her expectations, which I think is something a lot of directors don't do. Yes, there are women who go out & have $1000 skin care classes (there's one in my unit) & then there's women like me who struggle to get their business started & question the decision they made. But again, it's all about managing expectations...what's realistic for ME?

    So, here's to thinking pink!

  46. So far - this blog seems to be giving me the positive feedback about Mary Kay I need to hear! I'm so excited to get started in consulting and it seems like half of the people I talk to love the company and what it's about and the other half of people seem to deter me from it. Pinktruth can be a little dramatic, however. It's too bad some women didn't have decent consultants, but bashing all women who continue to sell Mary Kay is a bit upsetting. I don't get mad when people talk about their bad experience with MK, so why get mad when people seem to be doing really great with their MK business? I like the balance here, because sometimes Mary Kay is overwhelming and consultants CAN (unfortunately) be pushy - but all in all I think it's a great way to step out of your boundaries, meet new people, have fun - and most importantly - make some money! I'm definitely going to continue checking back on here and letting you know how I'm doing with my business as a college student.

  47. I really like this site. I did run into PT before finding this website and, to be honest, I was horrified at what I was reading.
    I am a brand new consultant and haven't even received my kit yet so by reading all that was posted on PT I was about ready to sell it all back.
    When coming here my blood pressure was reduced by a lot and I could relax and know that I made a better decision than I had originally thought.

    Thank you!

  48. I live in Australia and investigated MK a few months ago but found the Sales Director aggressive and I felt railroaded.

    Now that I've found this site I am willing to try again. I do like the products and have no problem selling something. But I don't like pushy sales people.

    I, too, have read Pink Truth and found it rather over the top and a bit sketchy in sections with regards to the truth...there's irony for you. Then again, I know what it's like to feel ripped off so I can understand bitterness but I don't allow those events to rule my life.

    Anyway, thanks for a great site.

  49. Thank you for taking time out of your life to start this blog! I am a senior director and have been in MK 21 years and love it. It has always given me back exactly what I have put into it. There have been times I have hustled and made a good deal of effort ...and the checks, cars and sales have refelcted that. There have been times it has had to go on the back burner for a while - and again, the results have reflected that.. I have never pushed, lied, decieved women or milsed them into buying large inventory...ever. Maybe that is why I continue to have the same 150 women in my unit and they stay and do what they want. Anyway, it has been a great ride and I will be in MK for life. I have been pesonally targeted on Pink Truth and it has actually brought women to my unit, not driven them thank you PT! Hope you post more photos of me and leave me up on your blog forever - it has been great for business :-) Just picked up my 10 MK car ( I have earned all levels .... really doesnt matter which company car my unit earns, I just feel blessed and thankful that I get to have one every 2 years). The extra cash I made pads my investment and retirement accounts and my director pay is paying down my mortgage at an accelerated you can see that I have found a place for my MK earnings that works for me. There is a right way to work a MK business and do it successfully as you choose and as you go through the changes of life. I joined when I was 26 and now Im in my mid needs have changed and MK always has seemed to fit in just right. Toodles!!

  50. Thinking about joining MK, been a customer for a few years and love my consultant. I've been thinking on and off for about a year about joining. See her tomorrow to ask questions. Liked reading your posts. a lot better than some websites. Its really hard to find ones with positive things about their experience, just keep finding negative one. :(

  51. Thinking about joining MK, been a customer for a few years and love my consultant. I've been thinking on and off for about a year about joining. See her tomorrow to ask questions. Liked reading your posts. a lot better than some websites. Its really hard to find ones with positive things about their experience, just keep finding negative one. :(

  52. I just joined MK. I was the one who decided to join, my director (?) did not pursue me, I did.

    I have not been pressured into buying inventory, she knows I am finishing school and she said do it at your own pace, I am the one contacting her with ideas for events etc.

    Any business requires sacrifice. I found PL yesterday and I am just wondering who spends all that time to bad mouth someone else's business? At the end of the day., women take their own decisions! If you cannot afford inventory do not buy it. Be honest, be true to yourself and be real.

  53. Also wanted to add I asked the question about inventory today and both my director and her director DID NOT PUSH me into buying any amount. They want me to do my research first and order what I can. Very ethical

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I started my MK business about two months ago now and made my $200 order to get a small inventory going (nothing fancy just some samples and a few full size things for my demo kit). I have yet to place my first order and sometimes question the decision I made to join MK. I know MK is a great company and I want to stay in it. I used MK products before I became a consultant (I love the products so thats part of the reason why I joined!). I just wish my unit focused more on new consultants to help lead them in the right direction. I go to my unit meeting every week and try to do the things that the other consultants say they do to get sales, no bites yet. I am a new consultant trying to get a good clientele base going but it seems difficult. I am a very outgoing person BUT that's once I have a conversation going with someone, I cannot just walk up to someone and try to hand them something like a business card or book. I feel kind of lost and confused and not sure what I should do. I hope I am making the right decision. How do I get people to either host a party or just even buy products? (not including family or friends) Pink Hugs from Seagoville,TX!!! :)


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