Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is this a lie?

Pink Truth posted this today calling it the Mary Kay "lie of the week" -

Wanted: Enterprising woman to achieve unlimited earning potential while enriching the lives of others. Work duties include meeting new friends, interacting with prospective clients, as well supporting the community of women. Candidate will have the opportunity to make own hours, and will be compensated for their achievements with prizes and vacations.

Does this job sound appealing? Then you might have just what it takes to be one of 750,000 women already living the life as a consultant. As an Independent Beauty consultant you'll have the freedom to make your own work hours and set time a side for your family. And with distribution to more than 36 countries, you'll be able to work virtually anywhere in the world! No experience required and you can work part-time or full-time from your own home. You will have great benefits of owning your own business.

The comments from "pink truthers" range from...
"Who put this out? They ought to be hung by their toenails over a vat of extra emollient night cream..and released! (Picture the sound effect!!) "


"I thought MK Corp was cracking down on SD's for exagerating the "Opportunity"? It's an outright lie that you can disribute to 36 countries. Only NSD's can recruit in another country and I don't think even NSD's can sell in another country....What a crock!!!"


Now, obviously not everyone is going to find this opportunity as good as others. I don't think that this was implied... correct me if I am wrong, but there are a lot of "mights" and "ifs" in there. I mean, honestly does it get any less manipulative or deceptive. "are you interested in.....? then you might like this....!" It doesn't get much simpler.

C'mon guys, not everything in Mary Kay is as evil as you think it is!

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