Saturday, October 6, 2007

Why am I so harsh towards the comments found on Pink Truth?

I will take time to explain this later, but mainly:
1 They constantly crack on all things Mary Kay, half the time using half-truths and flat out lies that are far worse than the ones they are accusing Mary Kay of telling.
2 I tried to reach out to them. I left a comment on their site apologizing on behalf of all the good consultants and directors that would never allow these abuses to go on. My comments were deleted and I was barred from their site. When I have time, I will repost my apology letter here.
3 Because my wife and the organization she represents are being attacked, I feel the need to support her in equal measure. Take pot-shots at my wife and her friends, you better believe I am going to return fire.

Thats all for now... more later

Thanks everyone


  1. Im glad to see that you have a pro mk site!!!!

  2. Thanks Colleen!

    I am glad you stopped by!


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