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Some thoughts from a friend on ScamTypes - Kim

This post is thanks to Kim who left this comment on You can read all of the comments here. Re-posted with permission.

"Becoming a successful Mary Kay Consultant is an Opportunity. Because humans are involved you are going to find people trying to figure out shortcuts within the opportunity. You are also going to find people who are willing to work hard enough to make it. If you are willing to be smart enough, work hard enough–it can be done. I am a consultant of 14+ years. Do I have a car? No. Am I a director? No. Do I have any recruits? At the present time–no. But I CHOOSE not to work it hard enough to get a car or make thousands. But Mary Kay meets my needs because of how I choose to run my business. I have 3-5 regular customers who order enough so I can order the minimum every 3 months enabling me to have my own cosmetics at 50% off. Better than Wal-mart brands. No where near as expensive as exclusive brands (Clinique, etc.). I can send product back if I don’t like it and exchange it for what I want. I have a 100% money back guarantee. My director calls me to encourage me, not to strong-arm me into selling. Because I have made decisions about what being a consultant means to me, I choose whether to go for her incentive contests, order more, or explain to her my goals (which may not be her goals).The people that decide to buy large amounts of inventory are weak and immature in their business. They want what they want when they want it. They want all new makeup; they want all the pretties; they want to set up their business like senior directors when they don’t have anywhere near the customer base to support it. If you look at the essence of Mary Kay’s philosophy, if you order product then YOU SHOULD EXPECT YOURSELF TO SELL IT. If you don’t intend to sell it, DON’T BUY IT. It’s as simple as that. Strong arming people into becoming your recruits and buying yourself into the production (sales) you need for prizes cannot be maintained. That’s why people fail and get a bad taste their mouths about Mary Kay. There are plenty of consultants out there selling tons of the stuff. And the really successful consultants conduct business, just like any business–they have good quality customer service. They care. They teach They sell. I don’t kid myself about it anymore. And i am not living in a panacea about it either. I made some stupid decisions early on, but I was an immature business woman. I learned and I don’t kid myself about what I will or should sell anymore. I know my capabilities and what becomes an incentive for me to sell and what doesn’t. My sister is a consultant in another state who has 3 recruits and sells a heck a lot more than I do, for no other reason than she opens her mouth more and talks about it more than I do. If you like a product, any product or service, you will talk about it. Successful consultants use the product and are wild about it. You can and must adapt your business practices to your own personality and lifestyle situation. But, whatever changes you make in how the company coaches you when you do it your way, you have to accept the fact that you will either fail miserably or reap the rewards and be willing to make changes accordingly. There is a humorous side to the sarcastic side of dissing anything, but I feel sorry for people who spend so much energy criticizing Mary Kay. Comments by Kate (above) nailed it."


I asked Kim if I could post her thoughts here, and her response was as follows


"Sure you can post my comments on your website. I will probably visit a couple more times, but I find it very frustrating to debate idiots like Pink Truth because their minds are already CLOSED and LOCKED. I applaud you for getting the word out to those who are considering the business. I will say that I joined Mary Kay in 1992 and went to my very first seminar in 1993. That was the 30th anniversary and one of the last appearances at seminar by Mary Kay. seminar that year, the consultants who had been to seminar before talked about her like a god. I am a very skeptical person (and I joined anyway! what’s to lose?) and couldn’t get into the hero worship. Then I saw her at seminar. WOW! What a personality. Genuine, warm, truly caring, and she was everybody’s biggest cheerleader for succeeding. Now Pink Truth would say something nasty like, “Well, it was all about helping HER bottom line, right?” But, I disagree. She was truly giving women encouragement, self-esteem boosts, and she wanted success for every consultant for what she knew a fulfilling job, and love of what they were doing could provide. Her biography shows that her experience in the man’s world with the glass ceiling gave her perspective and will to succeed. She charged like a bull through all the bull to create a company that could actually provide that. BUT, it doesn’t come free or easy. What business that allows a person to become financially indepedent would?Now I just got the feeling reading a little bit in Pink Truth that all the go-get-em emails that directors send out encouraging you to sell sell sell are a little bit too happy and gushy. Well, I don’t like much gush myself, but since I am a mature individual, I don’t take it personally and it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach–I take it in, digest it for what I need to get out of it and leave the rest. People are enthused and excited about it! And they want to make money but they also want to help other women, who come from all over the place, with all kinds of strengths, experiences, and baggage to “get it.” I would much rather be around the gushing than the toxic “stuff” coming from Pink Truth. They just don’t “get it” and its eating them up inside."


I wanted to send this message loud and clear. There are many different ways that you can get a lot of enjoyment out of Mary Kay. It is a good or bad experience based on what you make of it. Pink Truth unfortunately makes it out to be all bad. Mary Kay tends to make it out to be all good. Somewhere in the middle is the truth, and I invite you to find out what that truth is. Just be sure to use good common sense!!!

Thanks Kim! Hope to see you and your friends/clients around here!


  1. Amen to that Jon!!!

    I am totally behind you on this!! I hope that we can all ban together and get Corporate involved in some way shape or form. This has completely gotten out of hand, I have been entertained beyond measure, reading every single thing you've posted here, and Kim also hit the hammer on the nail. Me and Kim work our businesses in similar ways, and while I do not wish to be a director, I am immensely enjoying the extra income I'm making through the sales of the product.

    There are two things I will be doing as of right now:

    1. I will spread the word about your website and put the link in every communication among me and my sister consultants.

    2. I will also stand behind you or anyone else who wishes to get MK, Inc. to take a closer look at the effect that the naysayers are having on the business of "Recruiting" (i.e. offering others the opportunity to make legitimate loot).

    Now, as I said before, I am NOT trying to "recruit", my focus is selling only! There are thousands of people out there who looooove Mary Kay's products, (but they are...understandably....afraid to commit to the "career opportunity"), because of the fine people at PT.

    So, those poor souls out there who are trying to recruit people into the business are going to have a heck of a time, because like you said one click on Google and ...."game over" (for the recruiter that is).

    As for PT, it is not about assisting others in making a proper decision about whether or not they should join MK, nor receiving therapy for the pain they've experienced, it is about keeping a malicious campaign going in order to destroy what took Mary Kay years to establish, (a good reputation).

    Anyways, I'm sorry to ramble on, but I will keep visiting your webpage.



  2. Hi Tina!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts behind!! I greatly appreciate your support and help in spreading the word about this blog. I am sure that it is only a matter of time before Mary Kay recognizes the need to validate their IBC’s in the online community. In the meantime, I think we can make a case for its importance by collecting as many Pro-Mary Kay people here!

    Hopefully, this site can be a valid resource site that can help people make an informed decision about Mary Kay and learn methods of making the most of their Mary Kay experience.

    I am going to create posts specifically for visitors to comment on:

    1. The product (customer experiences) Good and Bad
    2. The experience (IBC’s, Directors, maybe even an NSD!) Good and Bad
    3. And one for miscellaneous thoughts about MK

    As I mentioned on ScamTypes, please send me any stories or testimonials that you have so that I can post them here and add to the mountain of evidence in favor of Mary Kay!

  3. I think my biggest problem in MK was the fact that I listened to my director. She was so personable. I had no idea she would lie to me. It is easy to say, no one held a gun to your head. That's true. But when I ordered my director promised me she would help me in this business. That she would be there for me and show me the way. But she didn't. She didn't take me on her classes because she didn't have any. She spent her time recruiting and motivating. I didn't need to be movtivated. That inventory on my shelves was motivation enough. But that is where most ex consultants have a problem. And you could say that we should have asked questions, done research. But we did ask and we did do reserch. But we asked our director and we researched on MK's website. They do not tell you the whold truth. That's why so many are so bitter.

    I did not start this business to make pocket money. 3-5 customers ordering every 3 months will not support you much less a family. I started this business to make money. And unless you recruit you will not make enough money to support yourself. If you work the numbers like MK says to - for every 9 phone calls 3 will pan out. Yes, they may pan out. You may get a class. But you can go and do everything right and maybe sell $100 which is $50 for you. Not much for all the time and effort you put into it.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by. As I hope to tell everyone that has been hurt by Mary Kay, I am sorry to hear that things did not go well for you. It is sad to me that you bought products that you were unable to sell, and more so that your director was not interested in helping you. I have mentioned elsewhere how excellent my wife's director has been to her and it is hard to imagine a director not looking out for the ones that can help her achieve higher levels of income.

    I will say however, that my wife has nearly 200 regular customers (after about a year in MK) and is growing that list every week. She has really turned things up a notch in the last few months and is setting some excellent goals for herself.

    So, I disagree with your assertion that unless you recruit, you will not make enough money to support yourself. I just left a comment on "Concerned Citizen or Presumptuous Pest" that outlines how much work it takes, but that it is possible.

    Please understand, I am not saying that you messed up or did not work hard enough, simply that it IS possible to make money without recruiting.

    Thanks for stopping by and I wish you great success in whatever endeavor you find yourself doing next!


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