Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mary Kay To Be On TLC!

Published 05.20.10

Mary Kay to be Featured on TLC!

Tune into the TLC Network starting May 24, when celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff demonstrates unforgettable looks with Mary Kay® products on three brides-to-be -- and shares tips for looking your best on that big day!

One 30-second segment about lip looks will be shown on air on the TLC Network periodically from May 24 through June 27 during such bridal programming as “Say Yes to the Dress” and other wedding/fashion shows such as “What Not to Wear” and “Battle of the Wedding Planners.” While three other 30-second segments – about getting a flawless face, gorgeous eye looks and wedding day must-haves -- will be featured on

Encourage your customers to tune in and log on to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site, then experiment with the Mary Kay® products they’ve seen featured on TLC by using the Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover! Click here for a flier you can share with your customers about this exciting national exposure. You can also send your customers an MKeCard® or Beaute-News® featuring the TLC product promotion.

It’s wedding season – and time for some fabulous bridal pampering parties! Take advantage of the national exposure generated by these segments to show your customers how to look glamorous, whether or not they’re planning a trip down the aisle!

For more details about Mary Kay’s appearance on TLC and more information about the Company’s 2010 advertising campaign, click here!


  1. Wedding makeup tips:
    1. Matte colors. You will be photographed, and matte colors photograph best.

    2. Powder: powder reflects light differently than skin. Therefore, powder your neck and decolletage as well as your face.

    3. Neutrals. You want to look radiant and draw the attention to your face and not to your makeup. Skip the wild stuff this one time and go with neutrals that flatter your particular skin tone.

    4. Contour! Once will be photographed. Use lighter and darker shades of shadow and blush to contour your features. (use a light hand with that blush!) and use a slightly darker powder on features that you want to minimize. Apply lightly. You don't want it to be noticeable that anything's darker. It's a subtle effect but it works.

    5. Framing your eyes: Don't forget mascara and brow gel! You may want to line your upper lids only, or use a very soft touch and a natural brown on your lower lash line. Likely to cry? Use waterproof mascara! ;)

    I actually have been married and been though this makeup and photography...I'm just not married right *now*. lol. ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips Miranda!
    I'm actually dying to meet brides-to-be because I think I'd have so much fun helping them get ready.

    But I have a question to you, and to the other experienced MK ladies out there (I've been a IBC for 4 mo. only!)
    Do brides-to-be feel comfortable having us MK ladies do their makeup?
    Don't they prefer salons or "makeup artists"(because I'm not certified)

    I know we learn a lot with MK. but sometimes I don't feel confident enough to tell people that I'm a makeup professional...

    Tks! Happy Memorial day weekend to all!!!


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