Saturday, May 22, 2010

Application Techniques

I tested out two new application techniques I'd heard about and am sharing my results.

First: mineral powder foundation applied with a damp foundation brush. Those big flat brushes, not the fluffy ones. A light spritz of water on the brush works; pat off excess water on back of hand. pick up some of your MK minerals and brush onto skin. Do a second application in any reddened/discolored areas that need extra coverage.

To my surprise, this really works. I do not look chalky; I look perfect and airbrushed! I will continue doing this.

Second: Even and perfectly blended cream blush applied with flat top mineral powder brush. Tap your flat top MK brush a couple times on your cream blush, then apply blush to cheeks, buffing in circles. It looks like such a natural flush! No patting with fingers, no difficulty getting it even. Just clean your brush on tissue afterwards.

Consultants, if you're looking for something new to show your established clients, try teaching them these techniques. They'll be surprised how well this works. I was skeptical until I tried it out.

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