Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mary Kay in Seventeen Magazine!!

Just dropping in for a quick minute... but how cool is this??
Mary Kay to be Featured in Seventeen Magazine

One of the most exciting findings of our “What Women Want” research was the discovery that college-age women are interested both in Mary Kay® products and the opportunity. So this fall, we’re doing our first test of that market! In the coming weeks, we’ll be visiting with women on the campuses of Arizona State, Florida State and Michigan State universities in an effort to spread the word about our fantastic products and, our mission..

And here’s more great news: The November issue of Seventeen magazine, which hits newsstands this month, will invite readers to find what makes them beautiful in a two-page ad featuring several Mary Kay® best-sellers and the new Thinking of YouTM Eau de Parfum! The ad, titled “Seventeen Ways to Find Your Path to Beauty,” is just one part of an integrated marketing program with Seventeen. For more details about the program and to see the ad – which you can print and share with your customers --


  1. Of course Mary Kay appeals to women of all ages ~ quality always shines through especially when you get to try everything before you buy, can return anything if you're not happy and the prices are so reasonable! Did you ever buy a cleanser or lipstick from the drugstore or big mall retailer and then got home only to realize it just doesn't work for you then try to take it back?? Unheard of..Unless you are buying from a wonderful Mary Kay consultant!!
    If you would like to try anything Mary Kay let me know and I will be happy to me at or browse online

  2. Hey, I have a question, and I'm not sure where to put it. So it's going to be here.

    Is there any limit to how often we can use the product return service? I have only used it a handful of times, but my grandma got a tinted moisturizer color that didn't work and needed to trade for a different one, and then I just had a customer tell me she had two damaged lipsticks that will also need to be replaced.

    So I'm wondering if after a while, they have you send them in or what? Are they monitoring to make sure nobody abuses the system? I really don't need the hassle. My goal is just to satisfy my customers as quickly and effectively as possible.

  3. I have never seen anything in writing that says there is a limit. I am sure if one takes advantage of the system, there must be some safeguards in place. But I have not experienced any issues. The terms and conditions do say that we should keep the returned product for 30 days and the Company does have the right to ask us to return it.
    If someone is returning alot but not ordering much I am sure that something would be done. A system that is based on trust does lend itself to some taking advantage of it which in the long run effects us all.

    Years ago we were required to return the product but I am glad it has gone to this system because of the cost of postage. I am sure it is good for the Company as well becaue they don't have the expense of having to destroy the product.

    If it is something that isn't compromised, such as cleansers, perfumes, etc. that are returned to me after the time for holding them, I will donate them to a woman's shelter. If it is something like lipstick, eye shadows, mascaras, it just goes in the garbage.


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