Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hide puffy allergy eyes

...You can guess what I'm doing today. lol. Anyway, if you are like me and you have allergies that puff your face up, here's how to disguise that as best possible.

First, your eyeshadow primer. Then, two neutral shades of eyeshadow, preferably a cream formula like eyesicles. The medium shade goes on your lid and in your crease, and the light shade goes on your browbone; blend where shades meet.

Darker colors make things recede, which is what you want to do with the puffy lids. Cream formula because if your eyes water like mine, the shadow won't all wash off and look terrible. Even with primer, too much tearing up will destroy powder shadows.

Waterproof mascara...or maybe none if it's a bad bad day. Skip the liner. Do your brows neatly instead to draw the attention there, and wear brighter lipstick.


  1. If there is time, the Indulge Eye Gel does a great job at reducing the puffiness. And for those worried about dark undereye circles, using the eye revitalizer daily morning and night, directly after your cleanser so it is right on the skin will in time lessen the appearance of the dark circles.

  2. ...and antihistamines! lol I need to take mine right now!


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