Friday, August 14, 2009

frugal tip...when your lipstick breaks

It happens less with MK lipsticks than other brands, but still, every once in a while, your lipstick will break. Don't throw it away! At craft stores you can get little plastic containers that can serve as lip gloss pots, loose eyeshadow containers, etc. Put the broken lipstick in there (and dig out whatever's still in the tube using a bic pen cap or whatever you can get in there with) and then stick the lipstick in the gloss pot into the microwave, heat for ten seconds...if that isn't enough, do another ten. Only ten seconds at a time though; you do *not* want to melt the plastic lip gloss pot! Then, use with a lip brush.


  1. What an original idea! would've never thought of it. Of course, I've never had a lipstick break that I can remember (MK or otherwise). I'll keep it in mind for future reference, though! How's your knee, Miranda?

  2. It's meh...I'm walking ok but it still hurts and is puffy. :/

    Dude, what happened to the Ultimate Mascara? Something had to change between the silver tubes and the black one. The stuff from the black tube flakes on me, and the silver one doesn't.

  3. As far as I know it is the same formula.. just outside packaging changed, will get another one out to you.. Perhaps the heat from shipping?? I haven't noticed any change. We will have to see if the next one is okay!

    Product replacement - thank you MK!

  4. Sorry to hear your knee is still sore. Glad you are walking ok on it.

  5. It's like now the mascara is thinner, takes longer to dry, and then flakes if my eyes tear up. The one in the silver tube doesn't do that. *scratches head* I don't get it.

    I had a giant makeup meltdown yesterday. I guess you can't combine mineral colors with non mineral colors together on the eyelid. They seem to repel each other. I had a MK purple and some other company blue and individually they were great but when I tried to blend, omg...RAR. And I lost my eyedrops, and, and...

    A girl wanted me to do her face at the club yesterday. If I'd had any idea, I'd have brought one of those MK sample cards. All she had was bright pink lipstick and black and gray eyeliners. I had a couple lipsticks myself, one a dark red and one a brick reddish brown color. So I did what I could. I found a sponge applicator on me. I colored in her lid with the gray and blended it with the applicator, then I lined, then I took just a bit of the pink l/s on my fingertips and used it on her like cream blush, then I did the brick lipstick on her lips. (Mind you this was goth night so it was not over the top for the situation). I have to 'splain to this girl about makeup. *shakes head* a 23 year old needs more and better products than that on hand.


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