Friday, August 21, 2009

Vitamin C serum trial

Today I began testing out the new Vitamin C serum.

I put it on when I got out of the shower. It was light and nongreasy, like a light moisturizer. It took 3 pumps to cover my face and neck. It soaked right in and felt like nothing.

The only thing of potential concern is that I developed 3 small zits during the day. However, this may not be related at all to the serum, and I hope it isn't. I know MK strives to make things noncomedogenic. I will continue trying the serum and see how it goes.

Reminder: Do your microderm regularly and moisturize morning and night! I've been doing it for, I dunno, 6 months? I was doing my usual "I hate my wrinkles" mantra in the mirror this AM and suddenly I did a double take and said WAIT, WHAT? My whats? Where did they go? I used to have lines around the mouth and chin area. The only lines I still have are the deep vertical worry lines between my eyebrows, but they are less deep than they once were. I'm 40 years old and I have had these lines for at least 5 years. Do your microderm!!!


  1. I may be funny but I'm not wrinkly! XD

  2. I used the Serum again yesterday. Hadn't used it in awhile. I *still* have some left in my "3 day" sample from Seminar. I thought it felt heavy and greasy on me at first. My director suggested I use less than 3 pumps because my face is kinda small (I guess?). Yesterday I did just 2 pumps and it felt better. So, I'm gonna say, 3 pumps is optional depending on the person. :) Just my 2¢.

  3. I also think that applying right out of the shower makes any moisturizer soak in better. If I had put it on later, who might not have felt the same. I also get my entire neck area. Don't wanna get turkey neck!

  4. LOL! I don't want turkey neck either! I use it right out of the shower, too. I don't know if the drop in humidity has anything to do with it either. It was real humid down in Dallas where I first tried it and it was still pretty humid up here when I used it here, but now it's not as humid as it was since summer is sadly fading away.

  5. Off topic: has anyone heard of Rodan+Fields skin care? The MD's who created proactive. I just learned that a customer of mine who uses a combination of MK and proactive signed up to be a consultant with them. I am very sad.

    1. She didn't talk to me about it and has refused hearing about MK in the past.

    2. I researched R+F and their compensation plan seems soooo pyramidy.

    3. In her quest to make some extra money, she will have to sign up Preferred Customers who (and I could have this wrong) get their product automatically every 2 months and thus dish out the cost of the skin care ($160 and upwards) every two months. Combine this with the fact that she always hated being approached by MK gals trying to recruit and I'm like, "huh"?

    I am NOT dissing the product. It looks fantastic - but my friend also didn't like the use of parabens in MK, but this company also has some products with parabens. The cost is amazingly high. $41 for a tube of sunscreen.

    I don't brush things under the rug, so I do have a call in to talk to her about it.

    The site totes: ground floor opp., earning potential, etc.

    I am just sad to have found out from a massive email she sent people and that's after she purchased foundation from me just weeks ago.

    Anyone know about this company?

    On another note: I've had $3 and 400 weeks for the past 3 weeks here in my new state (recently moved) - some from reorder and some from new customers! 7 new customers this week! Not all skin care - but new customers nonetheless.

  6. Hey Cuppa Jo. I am sorry about your customer. I think I have seen ads for this company around the internet. I'm not real familiar, though. I would have to say don't sweat it. This stuff happens. This is why we just gotta roll with the punches and keep meeting new people because there will always be people who fall off.
    Congratulations on the new customers and great business! I'm on target for my Star, too! :)

  7. Cuppa Jo dont sweat it. It happens. I had a customer who signed up to be an Avon rep. She was not one of my regulars but would buy a lip gloss or some perfume here and there, so its not a big loss. People do that cause they think it will be easier and they think the investement is less. They soon find out its not easier or better, but thats ok..its thier choice. They will realize that you have to work just as hard and the compensation may not be as good as ours is.
    Just keep moving and selling, you seem to be doing great!

  8. Cuppa dont worry! I have seen that ad on craisgslist and guess what if proactiv is doing so well why are they doing the pyramid thing? Dont get me wrong I am sure they are doing well because they run a lot of ads with movie stars. My point is this they know that MLM and network marketing can garner customers quickly. If this type of marketing is so bad why are they doing it? People can say what they want but its a proven system and that is why MK still does network or dual marketing. These people have done the research people are still looking for a good skin care program.

  9. My 3-day trial of the Serum from Seminar lasted almost a week. I've been using my new full-size Serum for about 2 weeks now and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Completely non-greasy. Non-irritating (and I have incredibly sensitive skin). No breakouts at all. My skin looks so much better already.

  10. i'm gonna get me some next order just for myself to see if it works or not.
    Do they have any samples of it?

  11. The proactiv stuff has always been hideously overpriced. Know what the active ingredient is? Benzoyl peroxide. That's it. You can get that anywhere. Proactiv just uses a lower concentration so that people don't get uber irritated and give up. Any anti zit formulation can be thinned out with moisturizer or aloe vera gel for those with sensitive skin, so once again, no need to pay their crazy prices. I also don't like subscription plans. I will order things if and when I want them. Nobody auto-drafts my bank account or credit card, ever!

    But yeah...I wouldn't waste my time trying to discuss it with this person. She will just have to learn for herself. Nobody ever listens anyway, y'know?

  12. Thanks, all.

    I had a good, honest chat with my friend and actually told her that if she's gonna commit then she has to at a minimum commit for year and not throw in the towel at 6 months because "it's too hard".

    I remember my husand giving me that same talk when I started MK. We made a decision to go full in for a year and reassess at that point.

    I also shared that if she really wanted to make $$$ without having to recruit (as yes, PT snoopers, one can just sell and make cash) to talk with me again after she's tried this company for a year.

    I can't complain on this end too much. $400 week. Not too shabby for the new girl in town.


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