Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello!! Anyone there??

This is a follow up to our previous article about having to call more than once. This is not my "spiel" but it is actually pretty good. By being honest and asking the person if they changed their mind and simply to let you know that, you don't have to keep trying and feeling that you didn't follow up enough or you were hounding the person - should you pitch the lead?? - should you keep trying??.

As for anti mker's saying because you may use a "script" that we are all fake and phony, well that simply is not true. Phrasing and how you present something will make a difference in the answers you get. Even with my kids (when they were young - if I asked them which video they wanted to watch and they were looking at a shelf with 50 videos on it it would be hours... but if I asked would you prefer Nemo or Peter Pan.. a choice was made fairly quick.
The Anti-mkers say that because alot of the verbage amongst directors are the same -that it is a lie. Hmm... I can assure you that when I go to a fast food place and order a burger, they will ask me, "would you like fries to go with that?" and then would you care for a drink? - would you like to super size it? Okay, that will be $5.00 - it will be up in a moment... Here you go... Have a Nice day......uggg... I guess they were manipulating me! They tricked me into ordering fries and supersizing it just by asking me the questions right? No, sorry, I have the ability to say no fries thank you, no, no super sizing necessary (actually I would probably say.. "does it look like I need to super size it?"! :) !!
If you are teaching someone the alphabet, I can assure you everyone is going to say the same A - Z because that is what the alphabet is. Spelling is taught, you don't get to spell words differently just because you don't like the way it is actually spelled. So the fact that so many of the things that are said, are said by many is because it is just the way it is. One may not like it if I say, "the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but that is the way it is and I certainly can't change it, it is what it is. -Now I hope that makes some sense and with that said here is something I found and thought it might help some of us in making calls, I don't know who to give credit to it didn't have an author's name with it:

Why Doesn't She Answer Her Phone???
Are you having difficulty trying to reach your prospect for a facial? Has she decided she doesn't want a facial after all, so I should throw away her number -- or should I stick with it until I get a hold of her, because maybe she's destined to be an awesome customer?" So here's a great way to short-circuit this situation, reduce your time and frustration following up with no-answer warm-chatter leads.
After about 4 - 5 days, when you've tried reaching the prospect at several different times of the day and have left one message, leave another message and say the following:

"Hello, __________! This is _______________ with Mary Kay Cosmetics calling back -- I'm really disappointed that I haven't been able to reach you since we met last ________!
It occurred to me that perhaps you've changed your mind and would prefer not to get together for a complimentary Mary Kay pampering session -- if so, just give a quick call back to me and let me know it's not for you right now. That way I won't keep trying to phone you.
However, I realize that most likely you're just super busy and my previous calls have simply caught you away from the phone. In that case, just give me a quick call to let me know you still want to be pampered!
Again, my name is ___________, and my phone number (which is also on the card I gave you) is ___________________.
________, your __________(cheerful attitude, happy smile, sharp-looking appearance, etc. -- whatever was the case) told me that you're someone I'd like to treat to the Mary Kay experience, so give me a quick call and hopefully we'll talk soon! By the way, I'll likely try you back until we connect! "

I have found that (assuming you select warm, courteous women to work with) most women will respond to this. The ones that are blowing you off will be reminded that you're a real person (not a computerized calling machine!) and will (now that you've given permission) let you know if they'd prefer to forget it for now. But my most frequent experience is that they will call, apologize for being so hard to reach and tell me to persist in calling back! I've had several that have taken up to 3 months to actually talk to without the machines in the middle -- but they had called to at least let me know they still were interested in the facial. And, they were ultimately HUGE selling appointments and are now a happy part of my customer base. Be direct! Women will respond with respect!


  1. I am still working through my issues with the phone. The few customers I have are very responsive to text messages.

    I texted a woman the other day...just to tell her hello and let her know about the new GWP etc... She texted me back quickly and said thanks and thanks for thinking of her. I find some people just don't want to be bothered at work with talking on the phone these days.

    On the first part of your post...when I worked in restaurants years ago. We were taught...upsell and the power of suggestion. Like...someone orders a vodka tonic and I would respond with would you like Kettle One? I was great at upselling. Kettle One vodka is a high end vodka and like $2 more per drink than regular well vodka. Just as a reference. Everywhere you work there is a script of some sort...even down to how you answer the phone.

  2. Imho, Texting versus emailing versus talking seems to also have alot to do with the age of the client. My more mature clients still surprise me (just a little) when they don't even have email or computer. Yet when I am working with the college age ibc's or clients, they really do love texting. We all have to learn to work with the times - when I updated my cellphone I even selected the Voyager because it has a full texting keypad that makes it so much faster for us "oldies but goodies". When working with a brand new contact though, I don't feel texting is the way to go but that is just me. Until they get to know you, I think it would hinder building a relationship.

    Hey I still don't like using the drive thrus at banks were you have to use the shoot, I still like driving up and looking at a person and if you think I have tried to use one of the scan your own/check out type rows at the store, hahaha, nope, I am always afraid I will goof something up.

  3. One of the branches of the bank I bank at actually has a little TV monitor and the teller will pop up on it when you pull up and greet you! Scared the crap out of me the first time I went to that particular branch! hahahha I love the self check-outs at the grocery store...although years ago when I was 19 I DID work for a grocery store so I am comfortable using those things! My husband HATES them!

    I agree with texting to people who you know better than others. Funny the one I texted the other day is in her mid 40's which is young but not like college age young! I would never consider texting to a client I didn't know pretty well and know that they use that avenue of communication. I guess I should have been clearer on that. :)

  4. OK, a new product test: Microdermabrasion.

    I waited for my zits to clear up; you don't want to use abrasive products on broken skin. So I washed my face and applied the microdermabrasion product to my skin. It said to just apply and wash off, but I did sort of rub it around in little circles first. Then I rinsed and dried my face and put on the second step which is a lightweight moisturizing product. It soaks in fast.

    This is definitely a worthwhile product. I don't feel sore from using it and it didn't sting during application. My face feels smooth and soft, and I'm certain my clubbing makeup will go on well tonight.

    I guess you could say this is to the face what Satin Hands is to the hands, at least in terms of results. Satin face. lol

  5. Woo Hoo! and you even used it properly without good instructions, I was taught to do small little massaging circles for like a minute of so. You never want to scrub too hard because you can actually remove too many layers of skin cells. I love this product too especially after I put the Replenish (serum) on my face. It feels like it is making me look younger!

    Miranda, once again, thank you for your reviews. One of these days I am going to have to go back and find all your comments and compile them into one Review... or perhaps when Dave gets a minute he could do something on the side bar like the "What this site is about" link.

  6. Miranda
    I told you that microdermabrasion was good I dont even think enough people know about it. If people knew exactly how good MK is (those who can use it) they would buy TONS of it!

  7. The best thing about this microderm vs. the competitors is how small the exfoliation grains are, and the concentration of them. A lot of companies sell things with huge (but sparse) granules or scratchy crushed walnut shells and stuff. Those don't exfoliate evenly and they irritate the skin. The MK microderm buffs off the dead cells very nicely.


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