Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I must introduce the newest member of our household.

I would just like to take a minute and wish all our readers a Very Happy and Blessed Easter. Please take time to enjoy the gifts we have been given.

The first is a special one for our reader redsoxfan, hope you like it.

The other one is for everyone else!


  1. aww aww izzums all fluffy and cute!

    I have plans all weekend long *and* a rush project with my I'm gonna be slammed and chugging coffee. Sunday will be the traditional dyeing of eggs and mass consumption of chocolate. I want to do a cake. I wish this book were not a rush. There aren't enough hours in a day!!! Well, if I do manage to do a cake, I will post a photo on my blog. I have nifty new ideas that I got from cake tutorials on Youtube.

    Oh and I cut my hair last night. Same cut Shades wears in her icon photo (well, except my hair is black.) It took me 3 hours!!! All my muscles are sore. But I did it just right. I guess that counted as my daily exercise!

    Happy Easter/ Spring Earth fertility celebration/ whatever y'all are into!

  2. Everybody have a happy easter and MK4ME, Cuppa Jo, MK Honesty, Shades, Forever Pink, Myst (wherever you are) and Dave I wish you all the best this weekend even our friends over at PT!

  3. Oh Heck I forgot Miranda our resident make up critic! Miranda proofreading is a cool thing to do I did it 20 years ago and I have probably forgotten how now. Im a MUCH better speaker than I am writer. Miranda do you listen to Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson? Im not into goth but I DO like Alice Cooper he was the real deal and Ozzy Osbourne Im not into him too much but I like the song Ironman.

  4. We hear them at the club, but I don't run out and buy their stuff. I tend more towards darkwave than the rough, screamy stuff. For example: Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Depeche Mode, The Cure.

  5. How Cute MK4ME.
    Thanks for thinking of me. Happy Easter Everyone.

  6. I just got both packages you sent. Thanks! I am sick right now so I'm a bit slow...but will review products as I try them.

    Mr. Gothboy refuses to try men's product samples. :( Heck, he won't even use the soaps I make because they're scented, even if it's like sandalwood and amber.

    I think a hot bath and a pink mask are in my immediate future. Pleh, I feel like a wrung out dishrag.


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