Friday, April 24, 2009

Balanced Mary Kay Readers weigh in on Presidential Election

The results should not be surprising to anyone. They have been sitting in the sidebar since Election Day!

Please feel free to check out and vote on the new poll. Your feedback makes this site better.



  1. I see we already have a "needs improvement" vote on the poll. If you feel it needs improvement, please weigh in with what improvements would make it better!!!


  2. Okay...I thought about it again and since I voted fantastic... I think it would be fanastic if we had more opinions and posters.

  3. I voted fantastic too because there are not too many sites like this. Now that I have my google ID back David and MK4Me I would be more than happy to post topics I can think of two right now. Do I need an invite?

  4. Hey Colleen,

    that would be fantastic.

    I just need you to email me with the email address that you would like me to use to send the invite. From there, blogger should walk you through setting the rest up.

  5. I see we now have a "makes me sick" vote...

    I do apologize for any inconvenience this site has caused you....

    I am curious, though, is it a sort of "morning sickness" kind of thing?

    ... I would hate to think this site made someone pregnant... hmmm there is some food for thought, eh?

  6. oi, colleen, sorry... I forgot...

    in case you forgot, my email is

    Also, anyone else out there interested in contributing content, please contact me at this email address


  7. David! Welcome back! Good to see you posting again. :)
    I think the site is fantastic, but could use more diversity. However, everyone can post of their free will. So, if there is more from one than others, so be it. It's not like you can't sign up to write. Heck, I'm a poster on here and how many have I actually written? One? Maybe two? :P

  8. How about if once per week, makeup tests/reviews were compiled into a post. Right now I put them in comments.

  9. Miranda,

    love the idea!

    would you be willing to be added as an author and post those compiled reviews for the site?

    I hate to even say this because at this point it is certainly redundant, but mk4me and I are both having enough trouble keeping a steady stream of new content up... it would help tremendously if you were able to post a once a week review of product (and/or) any other observations of Mary Kay that you feel would add balance to this "Is Mary Kay evil or not" discussion.

    Please give it some thought and let me know. If you are willing just email me at with the email address you would like to use as your login. I would recommend using whatever you use to log in and leave comments.


  10. Shades,

    thanks... would love to hear more from you, but I understand how it is, so no pressure.

    Unfortunately, this does not (necessarily) signal a return to regular posting for me. Not sure yet, but things are looking like they will still be pretty intense on other fronts for a while.

    I would like to say an extra special thank you to mk4me for keeping this little blog alive for me. I really think BMK would be near (or at) extinction by now if it were not for her.

    THANK YOU mk4me!

  11. Okay, I wanted to give some feedback...good old honest feedback. :)

    For awhile (months), I quit reading this blog because all the posts were focused on what PT said and countering their attacks. It was so redundant and negative with a positive coating. I couldn't care less what PT has to say...integrating their point of view on occasion is okay, but daily? I quit reading.

    So, I guess while mk4me was filling in, there was more of a focus on what's going on in the company, products, and succeeding in the business. This was/is a lot more interesting to me. I would like to see this remain the focus, so when PT posts are brought into the limelight, it's balanced with all the good stuff, too.

    Those are my thoughts.

    I like the product reviews, too. We've been focusing on product education in my area, starting with the Classics, because I think they've been forgotten a bit...I know I rarely mention them in classes, and rarely sell them, too.


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