Monday, April 20, 2009

Just the Facts!

When I read some of the negative sites very often I get upset. For the record, because someone else could not run their business with integrity and ethics and be successful does not and never will be proof that it can not be done. Believe it or not there are many of us that do not see every walking person as a potential, there are those of us that don't sit in church and scope out our next "target, some of us listen to the service and focus where our attentions should be. There are those of us that give genuine compliments or simply offer our services. There are those of us if we are told "no thank you" don't stalk a person until the get a TRO on us. Many of us have conversations that have nothing to do with Mary Kay. There are some of us that people don't run from when they see us coming because they are going to have to hear about MK until they puke. Many of us don't work 24/7. Many of us have a very full life and MK is just a part of it, just as any other way to earn an income is a part of your life. Many of us make very good money. Many of us have no MK debt. Many of us don't buy production. Many of us sell lots and lots of product and have many real clients that love Mary Kay products and feel that they are worth the price. Many of us don't use religious manipulation in MK or any other aspects of our lives. Many of us can think for ourselves and make a sound decision despite someone trying to influence us to do something not beneficial to ourselves. Many of us would not lie to our husband who we took an oath the honor because some business associate told us it was okay to. Many of us are not in "the fog". Many of us have friends in and out of Mary kay.
Many of us can separate business time and family time. Many of us don't sit at the phone dialing for dollars and the end of the month. I could go on and on but I just wanted to go on record, because someone else says they couldn't do it without lying and manipulation - well then let them speak for themselves, I know how I run my business and my unit, I know how I treat people and I don't need anyone telling people because they couldn't figure out how to do it without manipulations and lying and cheating that it can't be done. And for those that continue to say that they were successful but walked away because they grew a conscious but then turn around and say they were $20,000 or more in debt, then please don't continue to say that you were successful, because if you were that far in debt than you were buying the appearance of looking successful as oppossed to actually being successful and I am sorry but it doesn't sound like your grew a conscious, it sounds more like you ran out of credit or realized if after 10, 20, or more years - if you still hadn't been able to earn a living with your Mary Kay, it was probably time to move on to something else.

There are those in Mk that do wrong things but that doesn't mean everyone does.

Okay, I guess we all know how I feel about that, don't we? So may I say to all, Have a Happy Monday!

P.S. For those directors who feel they are on "the Hampster Wheel", omg, you all have to see the commercial for the Kia Soul with the gerbils driving the car... (front back side to side..oops the lyrics to the commercial are stuck in my head), and in the background other hampster are on the wheels, it is just too funny!
(ps - know when to laugh at something- don't take everything so seriously)


  1. Believe it or not MK4Me its a good thing you read those sites so you can dispel some of the myths. Is it true that some were frontloaded or that there are bad directors YES but on the flip side there are sites like this to let you know that you CAN make it and do it honestly. Will it take some time YES but at least you wont be in debt or have a house of cards falling down upon you because of the wisdom at this site. There are not too many positive sites around other than this one, Shades of Pink and Pynkmyst (who is MIA at this moment) and ME who has just read only since she is no longer manning the site but its good that you and Dave are here! Oh I must count the reflections site the new MK blog but that is merely a rah rah love fest no education I guess that is what learnMK is for. So YES its a good thing you read that site.

  2. Actually, I am glad I was willing to read them too. At first I was so in shock. Call me naive but as I read some of the things the posters would admit to doing to acheive their goal - it just shocked me. Seriously, I couldn't believe that anyone would do some of what they would do to acheive their goal.

    For example, having fake team members to acheive car or directorship.... seriously you need the numbers to have the production to maintain these levels.. Phony consultants don't all of a sudden produce real production once the goal is acheived. It just isn't going to happen, so how in heck did anyone ever think they would then be able to maintain the acheived level?

    There are so many more but just to me - why would you set yourself up to fail and struggle?

    Why would one continue to order product they don't need when they are not selling the product just to have 60 seconds of recognition?

    By reading these sites and stories, it will help me to make sure anyone I can help doesn't fall into these traps. And I can speak loudly about not practicing these actions because it will only lead to devastion.

    I want to lead by example of how to do things so that one can build a successful business.

  3. Off topic..I read somewhere the miracle set is changing in June is this true?

  4. i think the packaging is changing.

  5. I have been lurking for a while now...but wanted to Thank You for this blog. It has been a breath of fresh air. I also read the negative sites and can't believe the extents (sp?)that some of the people will go to for recognition. The unit I am in is awesome...very supportive and don't push inventory. Of course they tell you about it but it's not an issue if you don't purchase it. I have had no inventory since I started in December and my customers don't mind it at all. I usually will give them their GWP and then deliver their products as soon as they come in.
    I really do love this blog...Thanks again for giving your helpful tips to this business!


  6. Thank you and welcome Kim. Dave's vision is to have a "real" site. Hence the name "Balanced". There are extremes both direction and with anything else there are always two sides of every story and usually somewhere in the middle is where you find the truth. There are good and bad people in MK, there are good and bad people on the negative sites. Some geniunely wronged.. others complaining were the ones that were wronging them. Actually - I find it amusing as far us all of us pro-mk people being in the "fog" and the cult like mentality... the pot is calling the kettle black... watch a new poster become a regular on one of the negative sites.... at first, they start with, they aren't happy but their unit was not bad.. yada, yada, yada, the longer they continue to hang around the anti mk site... there posts start sounding exactly like the rest of the posters. Verbatim. - what they hated nost about MK, they are now doing "against" mk. - Buying cards to pass out to people (with absolutely no hopes of making any money), stalking people spreading the news of their site, leaving flyers on windshields, sending emails about their site to people that have no interest. Spending loads of time on something that has absolutely no way to make money. At least with MK, there is a product they could sell if they choose to.

    Please comment often - I would love to have this site help alot of consultants not make mistakes so that they can enjoy their MK!


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