Thursday, April 30, 2009

product reviews

MK Waterproof mascara:
I'm kind of torn on this one. It is truly waterproof, wears comfortably, looks good and feels natural. At the same time, the formula is dry and thus I have to go over my lashes many times to get a good application. Also, the brush picks up more product than I'd like because the mascara is thick. It takes work to put on. That said, it did stand up to a very sweaty night at the club without getting sticky/clumpy/flaky.

Desert Bloom blush:
just as I remember it. A natural looking flush on my pale olive skin. This is what I'd call a medium neutral blush. Medium in terms of how dark it is; neutral in terms of being neither warm nor cool. It's kind of a go with everything type color. lots of pigmentation; you only need a bit. Tap the brush on it twice if you want a natural look.

Exotic Passionfruit perfume:
Just what it says...essence of passionfruit. This smells sweet and delicious and summery. Not heavy though. Good with my body chemistry. I'm wearing it to bed. wink wink! ;)

Warm Amber perfume: Amber with possibly a hint of musk. This is a heavier scent; apply lightly. It's more of an "autumn" scent to me.

Starlet Kiss lip gloss: In the tube, it's a light peach with gold sparkles. It goes on clear with a hint of sparkle. It's very moisturizing and feels good. Not sticky.

Simply Cotton perfume: light, clean, fresh, a little sweet, a hint of powder. This is a springtime scent.

Velocity perfume: Citrus. Orange, lemon, bitter orange. It actually reminds me of Red Bull without the B vitamin funk. Doubtless named because citrus scents perk people up.


  1. I have never been a huge fan of MK perfumes except Premonition and Angelfire. I think that when used in conjuction with the lotions they are nice though. MK has nice things for gifts I wish more people would use them as gift baskets.

  2. Well if I were going to spend money on one of those it would be the passionfruit one. The others I could take or leave. But I'm a girly girl and OMG FRUIT SWEET YUM. If I walk past and someone cute thinks they might want to take a bite, then my work is done. lol

  3. MK used to have a scent called Equisite, not the Mary Kay Esquisite that was a tribute to her, but the first one that had a lotion to it. It smelled really nice.
    Although the second one was nice too.

    I used to love that "Revitalizing" scent especially the lotion.

    I think my new fav is Bella Belara and the Simply Cotton.

    I am a perfume junky and I will buy any brand if I like it. i am anxious to try the new Halle Berry scent.

  4. Scratch that..I meant to say Mary Kay's "Tribute" smelled nice. That is the scent that was a tribute to her if I am not mistaken, its been a while

  5. My all time favorite is Lolita Lempicka. I can't afford regular size, so I buy minis. Lately, I have been going nuts trying to find any minis. They're always sold out everywhere I look. RRRAAARRRRR!!!


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