Friday, April 24, 2009

Pink Truth: We are not sure if religion should be used to manipulate or not... to say, concerning Pink Truth, manipulating scripture to manipulate people is A-OKAY. If someone else even mentions scripture... they are "amusing" to the folks at Pink Truth.

Here is the link to both "articles"

"PinkPeace" really puts a strain on the "lusting in your heart" part of the Sermon on the mount.

Pink Truth LOVES it when people talk about God. They can make fun of them then.

What I find interesting is that they (Pink Truth) did not even bother to go to the trouble of separating these articles from each other... they are either that unaware of their own hypocrisy or they (specifically Tracy) realize that their readers will literally call them on nothing, so why not just fly it in everyone's face.


  1. I get really sick of all the bible thumping over there. It's hypocritical, annoying, and flaky.

    Anyway: Review, the pink MK Moisturizing Mask.

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    If your face is sensitive, this is the mask to use. And the tube is generous.

  2. When it comes to the bible I have NO problem with a "prayer breakfast" or even a woman that claims MK is her ministry. I have a HUGE problem with someone using scripture or telling someone that it is the lord's will for them to do MK. Im one of those who believes that the company does have biblical principles and Mary Kay tried to emulate those principles. As a businesswoman she was human and had her faults but if any business is run on moral or biblical principles I can guarantee you that person can sleep at night. I have seen and read of business owners using scripture to reel in christians and that is wrong unless it is something they really stand for.

    I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior but there are nuns, Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims and buddhists in MK and other direct sales company so Im sure money knowsn no race, sex, or religion. If you feel its your job to witness that is great but it should not encapsule using the business as a platform or witnessing to them to get them to join.

  3. I believe in letting people make their own choices in religious matters and practicing privately. People "witnessing" to me make me feel homicidal. I also don't like getting stuck in situations where everyone else is praying out loud to the Christian god, except for me (pagan) and one lone Buddhist or Hindu in the room. If praying has to for some reason be done in a group instead of privately, let everyone pray silently to the deity of their own belief, or to simply meditate if they believe in none at all.

    The closest thing I have to a god/dess is the Earth. I can imagine me offering to lead a prayer breakfast and then kicking off a pagan ritual where we salute the four elements, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, and then have cakes and ale (usually mead) afterwards. I feel as weird during Christian ceremonies as a Christian would feel with me leading that pagan ritual.

    I feel that spirituality should be separate from business so that people aren't forced into situations they don't agree with/aren't comfortable with. And *also* to prevent manipulation by unscrupulous folk whose god is actually money.

  4. I have seen/read more manipulation by scripture on pt than I have read or heard in all my years in MK. (honestly)

    Some of the pictures I have seen on pt are in my opinion truely offensive. Not so much as to MK but to religion.

    I even remember reading one post where they compared MK to Satan and the individual who was wronged to Eve! Now, excuse me but if they want to use something like that, Was it not God that told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree and then they disobeyed and hence were punished for disobeying and not thinking for themselves. Are we not all tested every day with right or wrong choices and that is (in theory) what we are tested on?

    If this is the case, then all those that want to continue to say they were unsuspecting victims that were prayed on, then I guess using their own theory, they all failed their test.

    Manipulation or cult or anything else - we all have free will and make our own choices.

    All of us make mistakes but as the saying goes, sh*t on me once, shame on you, sh*t on me twice, shame on me.... how do you justify making bad choices for years and years (buying production, etc)?

    MK is a business, if some feel it is their mission, so be it. Some of us feel it is a career opportunity just like any other. Some will do well, others will not.

    If someone is not Christian, then how could they be led astray with religous manipulation. As Miranda pointed out, there are pagan, Jewish, Hindu, etc... consultants. so do all these non- Christians do great in MK? According to pt logic, they should because Christian manipulation would not work.

    I think some have really gone too far on pt and I am always amazed when I read something that makes me shake my head in disbelief, a newbie will jump on and eat it all up.

    What makes me sad though is there have been situations where a consultant finds pt and was actually doing okay and building their mk business and happy, but they can not allow that consultant to be okay, they have to tell them what will happen to them and the consultant reads a few posts from anonyomous posters and throws everything away. How sad - I have no problem with them warning people to not buy their success and recognition, I have no problem with them saying you don't need to start with a full inventory, I have no problem with them telling them not to recruit every client because financially that isn't a sound financial move. I even do understand that some of their stories are true and sad - but their stories even though they are true, doesn't make it everyone's truth. Give me a break, being in MK doesn't make one evil or brainwashed.

    I love our site because it is the real truth. We want consultants to be successful and earn money, we acknowledge there are some doing it wrong and want to make sure that good don't fall pray to the ones not doing it correct. That is what we are here for. Not a love feast and not a hate feast.
    This is the place for balance!

    I hope we continue to have more voices heard from on our site, I understand the mk site is all Posetive and PT is all Negative (in the opion of MK) and love the fact that somewhere between the true is the "REAL" story and that is us!


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