Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday Smile

My unit had been teasing my husband asking him if he would drive the Pink CTS when it got here. The "line" is: Do "REAL" men drive pink? - Just to give you a peak, mr. mk4me hunts with rifles and bows, fishes, loves his chainsaw and cutting wood (fortunately he doesn't chew - for you non-rednecks that would be skoal or chewing tobacco) -& jeans and boots is dressed up. Snowmobiling, atving, and motorcycle riding are also likes. So we have had the car for about a month now. The day we picked it up, I lost him at the dealership because he was looking at trading in our car on a dumptruck. He sat in the car at the dealership and that was the only time he has been in it until today! (Right now we have 4 vehicles between the two of us) - I had to go to the post office and make two quick deliveries and then I was treating him to his favorite - Chinese all you can eat. (oh and if we are on a date, I do not warm chat the waitress on anyone else for that matter because I feel there are times I just need to be "off". The worse part is, he nudges me and says, why didn't you say something to her? uggg...

There was a long line at the post office so I asked, "are you going to sit here and wait for me or do you want to run and pick up cigs at Puff's and run back and get me? That way you don't have to sit in the pink car in the busy parking lot by yourself." He thought that was a good idea. When I came out of the post office and hopped in the car, he said check that bag that you are giving to your customer because I took the catalogue out of it. (okay, whatever...) I ask "why"? -
He said that as he got into the car at the store, a woman jumped out of a car and asked him if his wife sold Mary Kay when he said yes she asked could she please have a catalogue! He said she will be calling me tomorrow. He said to me ..."great, I am now "MR. MK"! :) - He said, I guess you were right, I think this car will be good for business.

Next stop, I run into give my client her order, chat for a few minutes and run back to the car...... he is in seven heaven, he discovered the CTS has xm radio and he can listen to all the comedians. oyvey... I know better than to talk during a football game and now I have a feeling I better not be interrupting his comedians. He likes the heated seats, after the next delivery he started telling me about all the other stuff the car does. He has now decided that I can drive the Dodge Diesel 2500 Extended Cab truck and he will be using the Pink CTS. It would have gone to work with him tonight but they are saying we are going to be getting hit hard and heavy with a big winter storm starting during the night. So he changed his mind and took the vehicle with 4 wheel drive.
So the answer is "YES" real men will drive pink!

(And I finally on Tuesday got brave enough to activate onstar!) (I am still a little self-conscious when I am driving the "pink" car alone but I am starting to relax a little)
People have been so kind with their congratulations and many saying you have worked hard and been dedicated for a long time, it is deserved! Hearing that from the community is really the best reward of all.


  1. Cripes. You had to mention the rifles. Due to absence of extra $ for range fees and ammunition, I haven't been target shooting in ages (like srsly a year) and now not only am I jonesing, but I also wonder how much my marksmanship has deteriorated. aaarrrggghhhh.

    I know...really good. SIGH

  2. Well, he didn't get his buck this year, so I don't know how great his aim is either! haha, well I guess you do have to see them to shot them though.

    I like pistols at ranges, (shucks,thanks for making me think about this, I think my license to carry is almost ready to expire) but I will buy my meat in the grocery store. Where it comes nice and clean with styrofoam under it and cellophane over it!

  3. I don't want to dress out a deer either. blaaaargh!

    We used to have somewhere to shoot out in the country (no longer). We would buy a case of cheap generic diet cola (diet fizzes better), shake them up hard, and set them out on the ground as targets. More fun than a paper target. *blamblamblam* *FFFOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH*



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