Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Before I get too busy with my Holiday festivities, I want to take a minute to wish all my internet friends of Balalnced and fellow bloggers, A Very Joyous, Merry, and Blessed Christmas.

I want to thank David for trusting in me to help write articles for his blog and thank everyone for the friendly (sometime even fiesty) discussion on our topics.

I hope you all enjoy the love and happiness that I enjoy in my life and realize how precious life truly is.



  1. Merry Christmas to you MK4Me! And to all the other readers/posters/writers on this blog! I hope you have a wonderful holiday... and a fabulous New Year!

  2. It's been a busy holiday. I hope y'all had fun! I still have to belatedly bake things for a couple ppl who were out of town. I cat-sat for some of those ppl. The cats pried open a plastic tub of cookies and chewed them up...leaving about half of each cookie. lol. terrible. I had no idea they could get in to that box. I have fabulous NYE plans!!! Stupidly, I have to go back to work Friday after New Year's Day. >:P We still have a houseguest but he goes home tomorrow. It's like I spend all day in the kitchen when we have ppl over.

    I'm tired. lol


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