Friday, December 5, 2008

Pink Truth: "I Needed To Be Taught To Want To Wear A Skirt" - TC

Pink Truth on a Mary Kay sales director on the issue of pants

As some of you may have noticed... I was sent another DMCA take-down notice because Tracy objected to the content - here. I took down the "allegedly" infringing content, but because blogger doesn't even bother to check, or for that matter request, details of what is and what is not infringing, it will probably be gone soon.

I really could care less. I am actually impressed that Tracy is keeping tabs on me! It is a very (and I don't really use the word "very" very much) good feeling.


Nonetheless, I am incredulous at the way that she flippantly sends out DMCA take-down notices (A very real threat to the purpose that Act was created for... more on that later) and yet continues, almost daily, to post content that is for the most part not hers. I might just be bemused enough by this erratic behavior to write a post about it soon. Look for that in the near future.

Anyway, skirts, pants, whatever... we have talked about it here before, but perhaps some of the new folks want to get in on it. What would be the "ideal" policy for Mary Kay to have towards this? "No Policy" is as good an answer as any other.

What say you?

1 comment:

  1. What crap. Postal workers wear a uniform. So do police officers, nurses, and bus drivers. Why is it such an issue that MK IBC's are expected to follow a dress code?

    Really, is it such a travesty that we're asked to wear a skirt for a couple of hours a day? Honestly, this is my one chance to feel pretty. My other job is a daycare provider. I'm in jeans and T-shirt all day. I really like putting on a skirt and heels for a couple of hours in the evening.

    Sometimes, if I'm feeling rebellious, I'll wear dressy capris. What the hay? Live a little.

    PTer's need to get over it already. They don't have have to wear a skirt anymore, so why do they even care? Oh, that's right. They have to have something to bitch about.


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