Friday, December 19, 2008

Pink Truth: If only WE could forget our Mary Kay experience... wait, that would mean not obsessing over it.

Short term Mary Kay Consultant rethinks opportunity.

This seems like a, more or less, mature response. I tried it. It freaked me out (A.K.A. "not my thing"). I left it behind me.

The question, I suppose, is will she actually follow through?

Or will she join the nonsense of obsessed ex-mk'ers and never-been-mk'ers in boorishly criticizing anything and everything that they deem "tainted" by **gasp** Mary Kay?

Only time will tell.


  1. Considering that she probably didn't lose much money in that amount of time, I'm guessing she just forgets about it. The more money a person loses, the more upset they generally are, and for a longer time.

  2. I can honestly understand one being upset and angry if they have had a bad experience. I can see how the owner of the blog and a few administrators would need to be constant to help the blog to keep going. I can see that sharing your war stories and finding out it did happen to others would be very comforting. Let's face it, none of us want to feel like we have been used, foolish, or stupid.

    Healing will take place if allowed to. What I honestly don't understand, if you have already allowed MK to take up too much of your life and you "have wasted X# of years of your life because of MK" - then after your initial discovery that you were not alone - why not move on?

    I see many on pt going just to pick apart anything said about MK whatever it is. The seven stages of loss ends with acceptance.
    At this point one moves forward.
    To continue in the anger/denial is not mentally healthy and does not support healing.

    Once you are not in MK and have no hope of making any money from Mary Kay, I just don't understand why one would still spend hours and hours a day reading all the horror stories. What makes me wonder even more is why you would take your time to go find out what Allison's house is on the market for, what she paid for it, etc....
    it seems like some are obscesed.

    spending time waiting to see what new products are coming out... what the new director's suits look like, what woman are wearing at Seminar, going thru Applauses looking at people's commission figures, it would be interesting to know if, when in Mary Kay did any read the articles that were in the Applauses about the products, how to book, selling ideas, etc..??

    You are out of Mary Kay, what difference does it make? It reaches a point you shouldn't care. You say you are "out of MK and glad" - I don't see that as true, it appears you are just as
    o c d about MK now that you are out as you were when you were in.

    I was not happy with my exhusband, didn't like him at all, but it is history - I have a great new life now. I don't want to spend my time finding out what he is buying, where he is going, what he is wearing, yikes, I could really care less if I ever saw him or heard from him ever again and when I do have to see him (for my daughter's sake) - it makes me want to gag. He won't get another minute of my life and I won't allow him to ruin one more minute of it either. But I don't feel hate, it is just a nothing-ness.

    I have seen where pters refer to their group as a support group like AA- I understand that, however, it reaches a point that one doesn't have to attend every meeting. And... probably the most important point of all is recovery... if you were a member of AA, they wouldn't be holding their meetings in a BAR and they wouldn't ask you to hang out in a bar to see how long before you fell to the temptation of taking a drink. It is wise to get busy doing thigs that take your mind OFF the addiction, not to continue to focus on it.

    I admit I do read pt alot, I use it as an added insight into what others might do if they want the prize too badly or if they are starved for recognition or to "belong", so I can make sure, that people in my care don't make any of these mistakes.

    There actually seems to be some great ladies on the site, but they seem now to NEED to be a part of the pt group just as badly as they needed to be apart of the MK group. They want to belong. It is this aspect of their personality that I feel got them in trouble in MK. (in some cases)

    Boy did I get long winded, have lots of other thoughts, having one of those "deep" thinking days, but I guess I will give my fingers a rest and go do some Christmas Cards and wrapping!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  3. lol thank you! This smooshy face cat with his tongue out makes me laugh so hard!

    I have a Himalayan at home, but he doesn't look quite this demented. XD

  4. the writer states"
    "No one wants to have another party or do they want to sell MK"

    Ok, why is she after the same people to have "another" party. This is what happens when you dont step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to meet new people. Your business will stall and it cant move forward.

    Also sounds like she was recruited without having first been a customer. We are taught that customers make the best recruits sometimes, because on some level they love the product. Recruiting someone who knows nothing about the product or who shows no interest in the product almost always winds up being a bad move.

    Why do ex consultants whine about having to go to training, but out of the same breath complain about lack of training? How can you complain about having to go to training that does not exist? She says she was not trained on product knowledge, but I find it hard to believe that at no time was product knowledge never mentioned. Plus If she wanted product knowledge, couldnt she have asked her director, or somebody about this, if she felt she wasnt getting it? How can someone teach you if they dont know what you are having trouble with? But if it wasnt enough then she should have spoken up. The best product knowledge training is to use the products yourself.

    Sounds to me like she quit before she really got started. It goes both ways in this situation. The recuriter/director should have been more supportive to her needs, and the consultant should have been more vocal in letting someone know why she seemed to be having trouble so it can be addressed.

    My director specifically asks us what things we would like addressed at meetings. If its product knowledge we need, I have seen her dedicate whole meetings to product knowledge and ways to explain the benefits to customers. You cant sell it if you dont know what it does.

    She sounds like she will leave it behind her, as she should. If 5 months was long enough for somebody to realize that something wasnt for them, than so be it. Its a shame that so many consultants quit due to them feeling they arent being trained. At least she realizes that her problem was lack of training, which implys that if she had the proper training things may have been different.


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