Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Recruiting is stealing your own customers

Pink Truth Proclaims that Recruiting in Mary Kay is Bad

What do you think?


  1. Err, Miranda proclaims that recruiting in MK is getting out of control? Whoever signed me up sure wasn't paying attention. In fact, she was just running around recruiting anyone who liked makeup and liked her. I have no idea how this eventually panned out for her because I changed jobs and thus stopped seeing her before I left MK...but I have a feeling it bit her in the butt.

    At least where I live, this kind of thing is common.

  2. I have seen this done and I will not teach or condone it. I think once you build a large enough customer base recruiting and building a team works great. A new consultant is going to be far better financially if she focuses on selling her products and building her customer base.

    It seems quite obvoious to me that a new consultant is going to make out far better selling $200 of MK and earning 50% of the sales than earning 4% of $200.

    Building a team will happen naturally when you develope enough clients. For me, it got to the point I needed to build mine team because I was getting such a large customer base it was getting harder to give good service. So by offerening a (STRONG Potential) the opportunity and starting her off with a circle of her friends that already loved MK, she was off to a strong start as a new ibc.

    I conduct a business debut or first class to help a new consultant get bookings on her books and sales, I do briefly go over the Company so her circle understands the Company and on occassion it will plant seeds for the future but I do not think it is wise for a brand new consultant to have a team and no clients. Because before long, they will all be gone and the exceptions to that rule are probably ones that are willing to do it wrong and I don't want that type either.

    To me the process is a nature progression. You start as a new consultant, you learn the products, the class procedure, and how to market and sell the product. Then.. after this starts becoming natural, then the ibc can start learning about the recruiting process and building the team in conjuction with building the business.

    I agree we don't have the right to prejudge but recruiting everyone just for the point of recruiting them is not wise.

    I will say that if one builds strong by selling and then recruiting,they will be far better off in MK. (My humble 2 cents)

  3. MK4me what we need is for you to be the one writing the how-tos and giving the lectures on business building. Too many people are out there giving the wrong instructions with no idea what they are doing. You seem to be a smart business woman. Lots of people out there are operating without a clue. Your consultants are extremely lucky to get training from you rather than from the hundreds of misguided women out there.

    It's New Year's Eve! h00t h00t...I am doing the party cakes. Wish I didn't have to be at work today. This evening will see me partying like a fool! XD I did start up an actual Blogger blog. I'll get photos of the cakes and put them up on there before people dive in.

  4. Happy New Year, Miranda (and all others). Don't forget about "the hair of the dog that bit you" in the morning!! haha

    And thank you for your opinion of my logic. (But I think alot of the directors that have been in for more than a few years share my philosophy) - it does seem to be newer ones that think recruiting everyone is a great idea- hogwash. I don't have the energy to be replacing people 24/7- I want my unit members to stick around because they are happy and making money.

    (ps - I know you can appreciate this, but hubby got me a beautiufl 40mm for Christmas!) - It is sweet.

  5. Nice. *shakes up soda cans for targets*



  6. Hey Miranda, glad to see you made it thru New Year's Eve and feel good enough to be blogging! Mr. mk4me had to go to work so I am just catching up on things!

    Going to probably watch Death Race again with kids now.


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