Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pink Truth: And the Aliens are Secretly Controlling Everything Too...

Pink Truth stumbles to new lows of incoherent nonsense

I really don't even know how someone could delude themselves as much as "raisinberry", the writer of this story, has.

Can anyone explain the logic of this to me? I mean that seriously. I can't even understand what she is trying to convey.

I know I don't often leave comments here... but I promise to try a little bit with this one. I am posting it on a Saturday... partially to catch up, partially because I might actually be able to have a conversation about this. So, do your best to translate to me what raisin is trying to say.



  1. I think she may have been off her meds. (my bad) sorry, I am not perfect.

  2. Too complicated. Still on first cup of coffee. I need a simple picture with stick figures and arrows.


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