Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay only focuses on recruiting

Pink Truth says that this copyright infringing piece of evidence is proof that Mary Kay directors aren't interested in helping their teams sell

What do you think?

I will point out this small part that perhaps Tracy missed... or chose to ignore... you decide:

"Preferably the groundwork has been already been laid for you to cross the finish line victoriously between your personal business activity & that of your unit in the last 28 days, & now all that is needed is focused followup on the phone."

Is it possible... on the outer edges of reality... that this is not the entire picture of what directors are encouraged to do? Is it possible that maybe this is just instructions for following up with your team that you have already worked with on all the other salient points of forming a successful team?

Can we really trust Ms. I-Hate-Mary-Kay Coenen to provide everything that this particular director wrote?

I suppose that it is a moot point to even argue the merits of such a piece if we don't know the whole story. And since Tracy notoriously does not provide the whole story, it is likely that this, too, is shrouded in her typical brand of deception.

Nonetheless, since there are no internet police to ensure any kind of accuracy in publication, and since (at least in appearance) there are still people buying into her nonsense, this will still be a place where anyone can present the 'other side' of the story.

On that note, I would like to take a moment to appeal to any of our readers that have a positive perspective on Mary Kay. Please share it. My goal here is to simply present what I find. I am not here to share about my wonderful experience with Mary Kay. I do not have one. My wife does. She loves it. I am happy that she has found something that she enjoys this much. I speak for her, and others like her, when I say that association with Mary Kay does not necessarily corrupt you. However, I have no interest in digging into information, details, experiences, etc. (on either side) about Mary Kay.

What I am trying to say is that this site is not very effective without your stories, examples, explanations and so on. Perhaps you feel like you don't know enough, perhaps you feel like you will say the wrong thing. Perhaps you feel like the minute that you say something the "anti-mkers" will pounce and say, "Ah-ha, see, they just proved our point(s)".

I hope that by now, I have established that this is not a place for playing "gotcha". We have been around for over a year now, and, to my knowledge, everyone is still intact! Please take the time to sign up for an account and chime in on some of the subjects that mean something to you. Feel free to tell other people that you know in Mary Kay about this site. Send me ideas about what would make this site better for you.

Keep in mind that I want this to be your answer to Pink Truth. They seem to feel that they are running unopposed in the race to be "Officiant of all things Mary Kay". This should not be. There are in the neighborhood of 700,000 women in Mary Kay in the U.S. It should not be a problem to come up with enough personal stories to demonstrate just how small the number of vehement naysayers they represent is.



  1. Unfortunately I had a director who did just that. Often I wonder what she is doing right now. I hope she didn't just crash and burn. :/

    MK4me and Dave, I hope you have a great NYE celebration tonight! I'm so looking forward to the huge house party this evening and wish I didn't have to be at work right now!

  2. I'm about to go have a meeting with my director. So far, she's been supportive and a great sounding board for my ideas to grow my business. This is her second round with Mary Kay. She had admitted to me that with her first round, she herself went on a recruiting blitz and this time around, she wants quality, not quantity. I know I would rather grow my customer base than my team right now, and that has a lot with me wanting to provide the type of service that I would want to be given. Nothing would embarrass me more than conducting a class or speaking with a client about the product and not knowing what the hell I was talking about. Anyway, I can understand the hesitation about posting a positive post....nobody wants to be labeled unfairly. Cyberspace can get harsh! :)

  3. By reading as much as I have, I must draw the conclusion that many don't feel MK focuses only on recruiting because of the complaints about the incentive prizes for ordering (aka as selling) -**because some of us believe the incentives are there so that we sell and then need to order and to work towards your goal you need to be selling. (The programs such as the star consultant program are incentives to order product because of sales, they are not suppose to be used to buy a prize).

    I did get a chuckle last night when I was looking at gowns on ebay... this little blurb came up on myebay:

    {{Shoot for the stars!
    You are only 38 points away from your turquoise star}}

    so if I use the thought process that I have been reading about, I guess I should have purchased 38 more things right away so that I could be a turquoise star! So that means ebay is bad for the incentive, right?? Or would I be silly if I went and "made it happen"?

    In my opinion, it would be crazy to go buy 38 items just to "turqoise star", needless to say I am still just a blue star :( .

    I want to wish everyone a very Happy but Safe New Year!!

  4. haha, think about some people mom would totally buy 38 things for a turquoise star if she knew how to use ebay. Luckily, she has no idea it exists! She buys stuff that's on sale that she would never use, and then doesn't use it, and it just sits and sits. I'm like, Mom, that's false economy. You spent money for something you didn't use. Being on sale doesn't help. It's still a waste. Sigh!


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