Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pink Truth: Mary Kay is a cult... no wait maybe it's not...

Pink Truth says, "Mary Kay - Not a cult"

Interestingly, Pink Truth (or as someone recently opined, Pink Cud) actually had this to say about the subject:

"Is Mary Kay a cult? No."

This is part one of their three part series. If ever there was a subject that keeps those at Pink Truth from being on the same page, it is this one. Some insist that Mary Kay, in fact, is a cult. Others gently suggest that it is "like" a cult... or that it has "cult-like tendencies".

I am not one to lump all of "them" into one stereotypical bunch, but I will say that anyone who claims "cult-like tendencies" in Mary Kay as their excuse for doing things they now regret is really stretching for a scapegoat.

Allow me to repeat the "official" position of Balanced Mary Kay (this site) on what Mary Kay is... and is not.

Mary Kay is a company.
Mary Kay sells cosmetics and skin care products.

If the opportunity to sell these products on behalf of this company "works for you", then do what you do and enjoy it.

If the opportunity looks like it is not going to work for you, quit. Cut your losses and get out. We all (should) try as many different things as we can in life. Some will work out, some will not. If you have not met failure in your endeavors, you are probably not endeavoring very much. (Maybe this is good, maybe not.) Point is, Mary Kay may work, it may not. If it does not, this is not a bad reflection on you. It just isn't a match. Move on. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (Mary Kay 'peeps' or Pink Truth 'peeps')

If the opportunity would be better if you could just twist the truth a little, or just ignore your conscience one or two times, or just sacrifice this (or that) priority that you said was nonnegotiable... than it is NOT the opportunity for you. Funny thing, this applies to ANYthing in life. Any job. Any relationship. Any situation you find yourself in. YOU. YOU. YOU. And only YOU are responsible for the decisions YOU make.

Are you one of those people that made poor decisions that led to more poor decisions that led to really bad decisions. Join ALL of the rest of us. We have all, at one time or another, screwed up really big. It is a fact of life. You do not need to blame anyone else. You did it. Be a man (oops, sorry, a woman) and own it. Then move on. It is in the past. You can't change the past. It won't change by blaming someone else. If you need to make amends, do it. Call the people that you manipulated, tell them how you feel you wronged them and ask them to forgive you. Posting about how manipulative you were on an anonymous website aimed at destroying the credibility of the people that, day in and day out, make the right decisions will not fix YOUR credibility. You know who you did wrong by. You don't need to seek the sympathy of an anonymous forum. Make it right and move on to the next wonderful phase of your life.


That is all for now.

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  1. I do not think it's a cult. There are certain tactics they employ that cults also employ, BUT. You can say that about many things. In yoga we do meditation and chanting, and yoga class at the YMCA is no cult. You can walk away from MK any time you like. I sure did. No one will hold you against your will, beat you, starve you, threaten you, come stab your tires and shoot your dog, etc. I have found plenty of manipulation in my MK experience, but not outright force. Cults will force members to do things and often don't even let them live at home, or restrict their computer and media access, etc. In MK I was free to say no to my director if she suggested something I didn't like. She asked me to come to Seminar and I said no. And that was that.

    Cults are really serious. MK doesn't have the kind of control that cults do over people's lives.


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