Monday, December 22, 2008

Pink Truth: Proof that Mary Kay is no good

Why Pink Truth will never realize their misunderstanding(s) about Mary Kay

There is a phenomenon that I have observed about people. I will not say most people, or in any way try to quantify how many (in terms of percentages) people are afflicted with this phenom. However, I have observed it in enough people to know that anyone who pays attention, at all, to the behaviors of the people around them will have observed it.

It is difficult to identify, except in its most extreme manifestations, but it lies under the surface of most extreme points of view and colors everything that it infects.

It is the cause of racism, it is the cause of extreme fanaticism, it is the basis for many of the most extreme and horrific atrocities that most civilized people cry out against.

It is the inability, once an assumption has been concluded to be truth, to consider any evidence to the contrary.

Consider the racist. Once they conclude that ALL members of a certain race are 'bad', any one that fits that mold is "proof" while anyone that challenges or even contradicts that belief is an anomaly, an 'exception that proves the rule'.

This error in thinking, this separation from reality is, to me, a very frightening and dangerous plague.

It is a major contribution to many of the problems that we hear about Mary Kay. It is, almost exclusively, the problem with everything Pink Truth 'publishes'. It is often the cause of relationships being destroyed... or worse, never forming.

So, my challenge to all of you, in addition to commenting on this post, is to think about ways that you are allowing your preconceived belief about something to cloud the way that you look at things. Family. Friends. Belief systems. Work ethic. Education. Raising Children.

Break out of the belief that you are right because you are right and make room for the idea that you may be wrong!


  1. Dave, i share your inpatience with Pink Truth for the same reasons. They assume too much and will use anything, no matter how small and misleading, as proof of MK being a maniputlative devil company.

    I read this article that they are referring to. No where in that article does it say that MK did not work for this woman. It only says that she is no longer in MK. The reasons why she is no longer with MK are not mentioned. But PT only focuses on her 70 hours a week she put in with MK, and the fact that she is no longer a consultant to imply that it did not work. It doesnt even say how long she was with MK. They just heard the words Mary Kay and ran with it and starting drawing conslusions. She could have quit for a number of reasons.

    If you just use your brain for half a second you can see that this site is just a smear site for the bitter hearted ex consultants.

    They also imply that MK is why her marriage fell apart. But she admits that she still works these long hours with this other home business nSight. Could it be that no matter what opporutnity this woman was involved in, she would have had the same problems in her marriage? She is a workaholic. Her work habits contributed to her marriage problems, not MK itself. None of the PT folks had anything to say about her still spending a large amount of time away from her family with this new business. If anyone were to bring this point up I am sure they would be blasted for not participating in the "group think".

    IMO if someone is spending 70 hours a week on must be working for them or else why waist that much time? At some point it had to be productive. She could have stopped for a number or reasons, but MK not working for her does not have to automatically be the reason.

    Now as far as your original work on a certain believe system..I admit that I am becoming very jaded due to the way the news media protrays other countries and parts of the world as far as their relationship with the US. All you ever see is fighting, and war, violence etc. A lot of anger is protrayed for Americans in the media and I admit I see these things and it solidifies my belief that folks all over the world hate Americans. So much so that I am weary of traveling and am rethinking my dreams of a trip to Africa.

    I know a lot of it might be propoganda (did I say that right?) but I cant help feeling that I would not be safe once they find out we are American. I am not trying to insult anyone, but I am willing to consider that I might be wrong. Actually , I hope I am wrong.
    I would really like to travel outside of the US, I have only been to Jamica and have always wanted to go to many other places. But with such hatred for all things US in the world, how can I go?

  2. I'm usually pretty good at empiricism and drawing evidence-based conclusions. The problem sometimes comes in when I don't have enough evidence about something one way or the other and I hate guesswork.

    When it comes to work, gaaah, I don't think I even want to talk about it. I initially believed that hard work and intelligence trumped everything else. Nope, not so. Not at all. Not only is it often primarily about WHO you know, but also, the callousness of companies with regard to the basic human needs of their employees (living wage, accessible health care, etc) has been a serious disappointment. If you read about some of the stuff that gets done to Wal-Mart's employees, good luck keeping the migraine at bay.

    Blah! I'm trying not to be cranky, but my faith in humanity...such little as it is...just keeps circling the bowl faster and faster.


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