Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Question for our Readers??

I would really love your feedback and comments, (not that it will change my mind once I make it up) but hey.... let me hear you... we are re qualifying for our MK car... sorry all but with our parents health (on both sides of our family) I have decided no matter what, until things settle down, I do not want to be dealing with Cadillac production, I am taking Premier Club so I don't even have to worry about production. (Next qualification will be different) but I feel our parents raised us and now it is our turn to help them out... (of course... it has to be all of them at once, and they have all been super independent until this year...but hey...)

Today while out doing my errands, I spied my dream car... I have had several 'stangs in years past and have always loved them and red, my fav..... I saw this and oh my, I gave myself whiplash checking it out. At premier club level, we have the choice to select the Toyota Camry, Chevy Equinox or $500 a month cash.. After drooling all the way home.... I can't get that car out of my mind. Perhaps it is empty nest syndrome or a midlife crisis or something and I am going to think it thru but...
how would you feel if you were in my unit and I opted for the cash and bought my little red 'stang?

I really don't care whether other directors think I don't have a MK car anymore than I expect them to think more of me because I do. I have to admit that driving the "Pink" CTS has been fun... but it can also be a .. hmm a bit of an inconvenience if I just want to be incognito and blend in with everyone else. Let's face it, it stands out and everyone notices it and usually makes wonderful comments. Just being shy, on occasion, it can get a little uncomfortable.

But... I would like to know if you were in my unit, how would you feel, do you think it would bother you for your director not to have a "MK Car" as long as MK was paying for it??

Give me your feedback, please!! Thanks


  1. What you drive does not define who you are. Things happen in our life that are more important than others and family always comes before work, right after God, as Mary Kay says:)! It's kind of like that saying, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." No matter what you do, someone is going to be talking about you...or the next person. I would not mind if you were my director and did not have an MK car. My adoptive director takes the cash option and drives a van. She has 4 kids and this made more sense for her. There is nothing wrong with that. I fully support you and trying to make Cadillac production doesn't mean anything when it takes time away from your family:) Your heart knows best!

  2. Sounds like you are looking for validation for what you already want to do! But so what..i say go for it! Get that mustang girl! Isnt that what MK is about, giving us choices? What better way to illustrate the choices that this business gives us than by taking advantage of the choice. I know many directors who take the cash option for many reasons. I met one lady at a past seminar who took her cadillac cash option and bought a mercedes! And another lady in our unit took the cash option and bought a Black cadillac, she liked that color better!

    My father used to have a 1972 (?) black mustang. man that thing used to have power!!! I still remember that car even though its been long ago and I was a child then. Mustangs are part of the American fabric as far as legendary types of cars, dont you think? And chicks look hella cool driving em!

    If any one ask why you dont have a MK cadillac or car then use that as a teaching moment to tell them about the options that MK actually has. A lot of ladies dont know that you can actually do that and when i found out about it, it actually made me appreciate this business even more.

    Go get your "Stang" honey and post pics!

  3. I personally think the pink caddie is outdated. I took my MK sticker off my Jeep because I wanted to run to the post office or grocery story without having my makeup and hair done perfectly. Go for the car you want. You will have fun and it will show in your attitude. Bless you for taking care of your parents.

  4. Wow a director asking us our opinions! I think you should get the car you want, MK has been able to give you choices like taking care of your parents and your in laws. I say get the car YOU want and when the elders are better concentrate on higher clubs or keeping the customers happy. Keeping your unit and customers happy is what has kept you this successful so far and GOD!

  5. Take the cash! With it, you can make payments on the car that you truly want.

  6. I agree with the other posters, get the car you want and thank your Mary Kay business for helping to make that dream happen! Oh yes, take your consultants for a ride in that car complete with cool sun glasses!

  7. Oh my. I firmly suggest, don't think about what others would say. What you drive definitely doesn't define who you are. I for one, has considered Indianapolis used car dealerships already because it isn't so bad at all. Second-hand vehicles are just like the ones we own for years. It just takes a lot of patience to find the best used car in Indianapolis that would fit my lifestyle. Convenience is one of the most important things that car buyers forget. Why drive all these expensive and eye-catching cars if it gives you discomfort, right? As for Toyota Camry and Chevy Equinox, I think they are the best models for the past couple of years. Don't forget about fuel efficiency. These two cars have them. Anyway, good luck!


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