Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Model Makeover Contest Begins!!

How fun!! Mary Kay is running a model makeover contest in Sept and 250 winners will receive a free trial miracle set, 10 will win a digital camcorder, and 3 will win a $4000 trip voucher to go on a dream vacation. Also, the first 250 to enter will recieve a free lipgloss! Let's get together for a before/after makeover ...and get you entered contact me to set up a time, no purchase is necessary!!See MoreMary Kay® Your Way to Beautiful™ Makeover Contest
Enter the Your Way to Beautiful™ Makeover Contest brought to you by Mary Kay You could win a dream vacation as one of THREE grand-prize winners!

Contact your consultant or find one today!!


  1. This is great not only for your new clients but get together and get a new color look for your existing clients. Have fun and get them entered into the contest. Have fun with it. When we are fun to be around, people want to be around us!!

  2. I think we need to get Miranda entered!!

  3. Are NYC out of shape male Taxi Hacks eligible ??? LOL

  4. Hm. Sounds like a great contest. ^.^

    -French Bean

  5. the makeover contests are always fun!

    Off topic, has anyone sampled the new scent Thinking of You. I really love the packaging it seems high end, cant wait to get some and sell them...

  6. omg, I love the new "Thinking of You" it is my personal favorite and think the packaging is a great idea too!


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