Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pink Truth: One Mary Kay Consultant confesses to "doing it fast"... this means all Mary Kay Consultants do it this way

Pink Truth "I-Story"

Everyone has a story. Seems to me... from where I am sitting... that some are good... and some are bad.

What do you think?


  1. I think this happens a lot. People need to slow down and take a money management class before they go charging ahead like this.

  2. You have to find a middle ground. doing it fast and only focusing on recruiting will only result in a crash and burn of your buisness. Everyone gets burned out too fast. But doing it slow and working at a snails pace wont get you any money, and you will get frustrated.

    I say focus on sales and learning the product, offer the opportunity along the way and see what happens. It really burns me up when I run into consultants who dont know the product. Some dont cream to powder from pressed and it only shows that they must be giving poor customer service. But that happens when they are focused on the wrong thing.

  3. I was all up in my product knowledge. I'm a makeup maniac. I even bought a book with all cosmetic ingredients listed and what their purpose was so that I could answer customers' questions.

    However, I never took that money management class. Didn't know I needed to. BIG mistake.

  4. I do agree with the money management angle. My director did money management classes for new consultants, and my adopted directors do as well, I think. I took my director's and by following her advice, I have avoided a great deal of heartache.

  5. Sure some people do it that way. It tends to always have the same ending though. Quit. A new consultant can not get anywhere if her only activity is recruiting. Build a strong customer base before you begin building a large team. All clients should have had an opportunity to try the products and use it long enough to know that they believe in it and understand what they will be doing .

    We have a term for those consultants that come in, do things super fast, and wow ... than bam, poof they are gone.

    I don't want a unit full of fireworks, the shoot out of nowhere, make a big beutiful colorful display, and then the fizzle out.

    How shoud it be done... MK always use to say, book, sell, book, sell, book, recruit.

    I teach money management over and over and over because many consultants are doing a good job, they just don't handle their money well.

  6. Is the money management class something available on intouch that you are teaching, or is it a personal experience based class? I'm starting to feel a little bit like a "firework" myself. My director was wanting me to do a lot of recruiting in my friend base...but starting out, those are my only customers. Another consultant friend of mine and I have decided to go about things a different way. We are going to hold monthly themed classes. March's focus is on eyes. I love teaching women to feel comfortable about taking care of their skin and different make-up techniques, but I hate pressuring people into things. And with today's economy, I found some of my director's sales techniques obnoxious and not tuned into what a lot of my friends are experiencing. So why not host a class at my house and actually teach someone something? I have found that my best sales days are one where I am relaxed and can impart some good advice. But I am somewhat hesitant to tell her the truth about my idea for holding classes because I don't want her to assign quotas or goals for me. Sigh. Is this normal?

  7. Adrian, if your director doesn't seem to be in touch with your needs and your situation, then you don't have to tell her your plans nor follow her advice. Just nod, smile, then do whatever YOU want to do, not what she says. I think your ideas sound better than hers. No, don't recruit your first customers and then end up with no customers! Do your focus classes. For one thing, that way you haven't done everything all at once and then have nothing left to do. This leaves you ideas for future classes so you can keep going.

  8. Adrian, it might not be totally complete, but if you search on this site for the money management and 60/40 split you will see a little post I put together. I hope it helps and yes it is in MK training.

    If you can't find it - let me know and I can post it in the article.


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