Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Truth: Even More Nonsense about Mary Kay


Pink Truth's own "raisinberry" contributed this piece.

Anyone care to chime in?


  1. This is just more of the same "misery loves company" talk that Raisenberry if known for. Once again she is quick to make assumptions about people that she has not even talked to. Never mind that she has not talked to any of those folks that she claims are not in MK anymore to find out what really happened. She would rather imply that the reason they are no longer in MK is because the business finally failed them. And then everyone else just jumps on the band wagon with her without even thinking about it.

    Life happens everyday. People make choices according to what is best for them all the time. I know women who have left MK for various reasons. Some had difficult life situations and had to focus on other things, some decided it was no longer for them for whatever reason, and of course there are those directors who lost their units and had to step down. But the point is that there are a variety of reasons why anyone stops something that they are involved in. But miserable people would rather believe the worst.

    She says nothing of the ones that are still involved in MK, she chooses to ignore that. There are many women who have been in this business 10, 15, 20+ years and still enjoy it. But she only wants to make a case out of the ones who are no longer involved.

    Its just like the situation when she went on and on about Allison Lamars home being for sale (was it Allison, or one of the other NSD's?) She was quick to imply that it was because her MK business was in jeopardy, when it could have been a number of reasons. It was plain to see that she was hoping that Allison was in MK trouble so that she could feel that she was right all along and feel better about having to give up her business.

  2. Are you sure it's totally nonsense? If they left, then it's fairly logical to assume it was for financial reasons for at least most of them. When people leave jobs, aside from being fired or laid off, it's usually:
    1. Bad corporate culture/bad boss/over stress/too much overtime
    2. Not enough money/crappy benefits, etc. and can make more elsewhere.

    I mean, if they were happy, they would have stayed, right?

  3. I disagree with you on this one Miranda,
    Even when it comes to regular jobs there are more than the two reasons you mentioned that a person can quit or leave, it does not always have to be about money or getting fired, or a crappy job atmosphere. People move, get married, have to stay home to care for someone, get sick, die..etc
    the list goes on and on about why someone would leave a job or endeavor and it does not always have to be a reflection of that particular job or endeavor.

    Mary Kay is one of those things that you can either take it or leave it, and if life throws you a curve, I can see putting MK on the back burner until things sort out, doesnt meant that you were not happy with it.

    I am sure that some of the ladies that she is talking about did leave due to the business not working, but my point is that it doesnt mean that ALL of them did. Raisen is making assumptions about everyone again based on her experience..thats not right.

  4. Miranda,

    I think you are absolutely right. I don't think that the issue here is whether or not Mary Kay was "good" for these 15 women.

    It is the unfathomable mental gymnastics that allows information to distort into facts that are simply not supported by the evidence.

    This is the problem, in general, that I have with Pink Truth.

    I think that foreverpink said it quite well, but to put it in my own words;

    "The facts are these..."

    15 people (directors) that were in MK when RB left, are no longer directors.

    That is it. That is THE TRUTH.

    If RB had stopped there, and if Pink Truth's style of reporting the Truth went something like that, I would not feel such a burning need to speak out against their so called "truth".

    But it does not end there.

    Her assumptions about that one fact go into realms that are simply not supported.

    Could her assumptions be true?

    Of course.

    However, the fact that something could be true does not automatically make it true.

    If someone told you that because it is illegal to drive through an intersection with a red light, the appropriate thing to do is stop in the middle of the intersection, would you believe her?

    The truth (in this situation) is that neither "option" is true. The "truth" is that you should stop before you enter the intersection.

    The fact that "driving through the intersection on a red is wrong" is true does not make whatever she says after that true.

    It may be true. But it is not necessarily true.

    My frustration (not just with Pink Truth, or certain Mary Kay people, or anyone for that matter) is the "necessarily true" part of what people declare.

    I think that while it is not necessarily true that all 15 of these women were displeased with Mary Kay, they certainly might have been.

    But to take it a step further and say that because it was obviously bad for them (unfounded) than it must be bad for everyone (even more unfounded) is nonsense.

    Hope that helps.

  5. That's true Dave: If those 15 women don't tell us why, then we don't know for sure anything beyond "didn't want to/couldn't do it any more." Some people show up on blogs and tell you why; others won't.

    I DID see someone stop in the middle of the intersection on red! They made no attempt to back up, even though I was leaving lots of space in front of me so that they could. After the light had stayed red for about one minute, the person decided to go ahead through. @___@ Erm, ah, hello, on planet Earth, the red light means stop! lol

    Are Mr. Gothboy and I the only ones left who make sure there is always a designated driver??? I-40 is starting to look like bumper cars at the state fair.


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