Thursday, February 19, 2009

NOT(s) of Mary Kay

If we have any readers that are considering becoming a part of Mary KayI hope that this will help. Did I miss anything?

What Mary Kay is Not…

#1. Mary Kay is not a get rich quick scheme.
#2. Mary Kay is not a religion.
#3. Mary Kay is not the solution to every problem in your life.
#4. Mary Kay will not fix everything that ails you.
#5. Mary Kay is not a cult.
#6. Mary Kay is not for everyone.
#7. Mary Kay is not a substitue for professional (psych) help.
#8. Mary Kay is not the only opportunity to earn money.
#9. Mary Kay is not a guarantee for success.
#10. Mary Kay is not a replacement for a spouse or loved one.
#11. Mary Kay is not perfect.
#12. Mary Kay is not to blame for everything bad that has ever happened to you.


  1. Wait till you get a look at today's PT post. I'm actually kind of upset about this one. They complain and complain about recruiting and how people are recruiting wrongly. THEN? They post some stuff about product sales. Don't they always complain that MK reps do not do any product sales? The stuff posted today is all about sales and marketing!

    Look, PT guys. This is hypocritical. What on EARTH is wrong with the stuff up there about color trends and marketing techniques and makeup demonstrations to sell the makeup to the customers? Isn't that what you always say they are supposed to do? So why are you complaining? Do you complain when you get an advertisement from Ulta or Sephora marketing their new colors and products for Spring? But you complain when MK advertises their makeup for customer purchase? This! Makes! No! Sense!

    Furthermore, Scrib does it again.

    "Honestly, Mary Kay's feminista leaders have zero respect for husbands."

    A hurr hurr hurr. Real funny. Mary Kay is not a feminist company, or they would not be requiring women to wear skirts and hose even in cold weather. Anyone can see that. I also don't like "feminist" used as an insult. It only proves that you don't actually KNOW what feminism is. It is about equality of treatment, pay, and opportunity. It is NOT about man bashing or manipulation. That's not feminism, that's being an @$$hat. Go do some research instead of flinging words around without a clue. Yes, you make cute photoshops. Now put on your thinking hat! Were it not for feminism, you would not have the right to vote. You would not have any form of birth control. You would not be able to own property. You could not go to college. Are you *sure* feminism sucks?

    I'm more and more glad I left that site. It's getting ridiculous over there. >:(

  2. Hmm Miranda is on the war path. Miranda I thought the same thing you did here the company (and I know you are not PROMK but I respect your postings and your thoughts) is TRYING hard to talk about trends and fashion and new ideas and packaging and they are still barking! This event is for consultants NOT guests so they cant claim that it was a recruiting event! I think what they had to say was very informative, yes its the same old thing there is no way after 40 years you can change the message of book, sell and recruit but you CAN change trends and the company is staying on top of that! People forget other than the US there is MK China and MK Russia and other companies of MK in other regions so the US is not the only faction of this company and there are income streams coming in from other nations. One thing that I think is great is that if you become a director you can train and recruit in other Nations so there is a HUGE opportunity here for those ambitious directors who want to take on this challenge and YES get higher commission checks!

    I thought it was great that they did this satellite training I see nothing wrong with it, it was not ALL book sell and recruit (I didnt go) but from what I can see it was quite informative. InTouch (for those who want to look at it) is very informative in itself!

  3. I went to the SEE. I thought it was great information. Especially the info about what to expect to see in the spring trends. They also asked the NSD's what types of things held them back. They did a mock dialogue that you might have with team members who seemed excited in the beginning, but haven't gotten started. They gave some great advice on how to work with team members who need help getting started. I thought it was a very good event.
    They are planning a future SEE in May which will be about recruiting and it will be a guest event. I think this is a great idea. People who are thinking about signing an agreement can hear directly from Mary Kay instead of some of the "grapevine" info that gets warped as it moves down the line. It will be very interesting to see how this next one turns out. :)

    Miranda--great points! Well stated! ;)

  4. Great Point Shades!!
    "People who are thinking about signing an agreement can hear directly from Mary Kay instead of some of the "grapevine" info that gets warped as it moves down the line. It will be very interesting to see how this next one turns out. :)

    As pt is now making fun of this future event because it is about recruiting, shouldn't they be celebrating instead? This information WILL be coming from MK Corp directly and not from any of those evil NSD and Directors that lie, lie, lie, and then lie some more.

    I would say, that one of the things they were complaining about is being addressed and instead of saying, yeah, this is good. Now they are making tearing this down as well.


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