Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pink Truth: More Nonsense about Mary Kay


I thought that yesterdays post was an excellent example of why Pink Truth should neither be taken seriously, nor presumed to be attempting any sort of serious critique of Mary Kay. I still stand by that, but submit to you the comments on this letter from an outspoken critic.

As someone on this site (Balanced Mary Kay) recently pointed out, the first comment (and one that agreed with the first) claims that this letter writer has no credibility because she has not sold Mary Kay herself (no mention of the fact that she is a consumer and has interaction with consultants) while there are clearly "credible" members of the Pink Truth community that have never sold Mary Kay.

Hmmm. That's interesting.

Especially since she just criticized this type of thinking (or lack of thinking) with her somewhat witty, "if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an" comment! Clearly that is the prerequisite for being taken seriously on Pink Truth - Agree with the groupthink and you are intelligent; disagree and you are in need of tutoring.

For instance, "pinkpeace" adds:

pinkpeace said:

I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale.

Maybe she can ask one of her college-degreed consultant friends to provide some English tutoring along with that TimeWise cleanser.

Sigh. Now I have to go to confession for being mean.

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Mon 26 Jan 06:51
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I can't say that I ever recall "pinkpeace" having a problem with anyone else's English.

Is it just me?

And finally, for good measure, "pinksedition" wraps up my exact thoughts about Pink Truth.

pinksedition said:
Really, does anyone ever really try to make some intellectual remarks arguing about this site? It is the same rhetoric over and over again and it sounds more stupid every time I read it.

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Mon 26 Jan 10:07
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Really, "pinksedition", does Pink Truth ever really try to do what you are asking for? Or is it also the same rhetoric over and over again that sounds more stupid every time I read it?

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  1. Go look at today's maggot farm post over there. Can you say "non sequitur"? lol


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