Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink Truth: We are so scared of the truth that we make fun of it.

Pink Truth tries pathetically to twist Mary Kay teaching

A real shame that in the midst of all the economic, emotional and other turmoil brewing in the world today one of the few encouraging "lights" trying to help guide a change in perspective is being shot at by people who can't tell the difference between sound advice and manipulation.

No longer shocking, but still disappointing.

Your thoughts?


  1. never been on a MK conference call; cannot speak to this one.

  2. First of all I have been on conference calls and there is nothing wrong with them. If you have been on several they are all basically the same thing Book, Sell and Recruit. Learning any secret (havent we all been waiting for the secret) is not going to happen. Forget MK for a minute most of the people (unless they inherited a business or were already rich can anyone say Paris Hilton) worked 50-70 hour weeks for at least a year. Cold calling, sending out fliers, networking, doing proposals and even more. I dont know anyone who is successful who worked for it who for the first year or first couple of months who didnt sleep it, eat it and breathe it. Donald Trump is STILL like that and he inherited his from his father. Im sorry when it comes to direct sales MK has the best commission plan I have ever seen in any network marketing program and they have great training. MK sucks if all you want to do is recruit people and not sell go to prepaid legal or Amway if you want to just recruit. The commission plan on these products is not high enough to warrant personal selling. I dont even know any AVON women who are making serious money unless they have BIG teams or they are doing their campaigns faithfully every week. I personally dont even know any AVON women I used to 15 years ago. AVON is great if all you want to do is a catalog business and then you have to send out so many and its not really for sales oriented people. MK is good if you like to teach and dont like to sell. Im just convinced and stuck on this company I have seen too many people who dont like to sell that fall in love with the product and they do well. I know you are saying Colleen times are different now and people are not buying it as much as they used to
    yes they are turn on HSN or QVC and women are spending 200-300 on makeup and things they dont even need! There is a market out there and if its personal sales or catalog sales they WILL buy. Women are cutting back yes but they are still buying. Bath and Body Works does well and that is not even makeup. On most of these conference calls the NSD or speaking Director will entertain questions and tell you what they have done and I see nothing wrong with having them monthly or weekly.
    Remember how we kept hearing the complaints of "they dont teach us anything" or they dont show us how to apply makeup or anything its all a LIE! You dont even need those conference calls except for motivation and to see what is going on in your unit. INTOUCH which is a great resource has so many ways to tell you about MK and show you ..you really dont need a director if you are self motivated (No offense to any directors please take that statement in the vain in which it was intended)..for them to blast conference calls is beyond me. Yes I agree there are only so many ways you can say book, sell, recruit but there may be that ONE way you hear it that gets you going!

    All preachers preach the gospel but the manner in which they speak when you find the right one is what will keep you in the Bible or Gods Word. No offense to the Atheist on the board or those who dont believe in something or anything. The Gospel or the Credo or the Rules of MK whatever you want to call it are preached as fact in the books and on INTOUCH and as heresy on PT.

  3. My director taught a very conservative application method. I think it was designed for people who are not makeup experts so they don't try something too hard and screw it up. Had I been allowed to touch their faces though I could have really done them up.

    Why *are* mk IBCs not allowed to touch the customer's face? I never got a good answer from my director on that.

  4. Miranda I was always told that since we are not licensed cosmotologist, we dont have the right to touch people faces during "facials". We dont have the right to actually "apply" products to their faces, so we are supposed to teach them how to do it. It is also supposed to make it better for the client to learn how to do it on their own, because once they buy the product we wont be at home with them to apply it, so doing it themselves helps them learn.

    However, I have applied makeup for ladies before, for instance, I will do one eye and let them do the other. Sometimes you cant get around it

  5. Different states have different laws about what one can or can not do without a cosmetologist license. Since many in MK don't have a license, the hands off policy protects all. Even if one has a license, MK asked them not to use hands on when operating as a MK consutlant.

    Also, the original idea that Mary Kay had was to help and teach woman how to apply the products. Most of us learn best hands on. -

    I can site a great example.... when I go to my hairdressers, she usually turns me back to the mirror, does her stuff, and turns me back to look in the mirror and viola... My hair looks great...
    guess what, the next day when I am trying to do what she has done, my hair looks "yuck" - had I watched, been instructed and perhaps tried it a little myself, I am sure I could have recreated the "hair style" she had given the day before.

    I really can't afford my hair stylist to be at my home every morning to make my hair look good, so I ask her to show me how she creates certain looks, then I can do them myself.

  6. PT will find something to complain about no matter what... they complain about training not being free, the time it takes to drive to training, get dressed up, etc...

    so a director offers and conference call "unit meeting" - if it is after 9:00 or a weekend almost everyone has free cell service - so let's me get this straight.... conference call training...

    no travel cost
    no travel time
    no meeting fee
    don't have to get dressed up
    opportunity to learn something or you can just hang up
    no guests for your director to attack

    duh.....okay, now what are they complaining about... you could sit on your butt in your own home with your free air time in your pj's and you could hang up if you aren't interested in what they are saying.

    nothing will ever make some happy.

    Some people (not only about MK) are going to complain about anything no matter what. They will complain and complain and complain, nothing is going to make them happy. That is just their nature... and it doesn't surprise me that this type of person is going to fail in a people business. I don't care how well you know a product, I don't care how great the product is, I don't care if they know everything to know about the products, applications, booking approaches, etc..... they are still going to fail because they are just miserable.

    Honestly, there aren't any great secrets, meet people, let them try products, hope they buy. See enough people, sell the product... see enough people, sell enough product, you will find others that want to try it too..
    Treat people great. Be a person of your word. -

    Stop critizing every marketing technique that is taught. Sales and marketing does require persuasion- that is why there are commerials for products. - The goal in marketing a product is to make people want to buy them. Not everything is manipulation unless a person takes it to that level.

  7. But you guys? Those MAC artists and Estee Lauder and Chanel and other companies people aren't licensed cosmetologists either. I checked with them. They're trained by their companies, yes, but they don't have cosmetology licenses. (well some of them might, but it's not required here in NC.)

    This was one of my big problems in MK. People want makeovers, and in MK I wasn't allowed. Many customers were disappointed by that. Now that I'm not affiliated with any makeup company, I do makeovers at my house just for fun. I let them know I am not a professional and I don't charge any money. I just do it to show them how to do things and which brushes and products will get them the effects they want. I sterilize my brushes before and after, and use disposable applicators for mascara and lip products.

    I get the learning bit, but there's a flip side. There's learning by observing and then copying, too. If you don't know what to copy, verbal instructions will only get you so far. I give my friends a big mirror while I do their faces and I explain "now I am using the crease brush and blah blah blah" so they can learn how to do everything. I went to Ulta with one girl to help her find the products and brushes she wanted.

    I could do one side and have friend do the other side, but so far no one has wanted to do that. I could also do my own face for them to watch and have them copy the action on their own face...I have options. But 99% of them want me to make them over.

  8. surprisingly, I have many first time callers, calling me because they do want to "learn" to do their makeup and really appreciate that I will take the time to sit there and instruct them on how to do "it" so they don't look like clowns - and say if I had done it for them, they wouldn't have felt confident in doing it themselves, so I guess it just boils down to the individual -

    my cutest client called and told me she was 65 and had never worn make up but was starting to look a little old and felt it was time but she didn't want to look like an old lady with too much makeup on, would I help her. It was so much fun.

    -ps -from looking some consultant's makeup jobs, hmmm, I will do my own,haha

  9. Product testing time!

    I'm wearing the mascara you sent. I ran it through my "use and abuse" test. First I just put it on regularly to see if there was any irritation. Then I slathered on two more coats to see if it would clump or spiderleg. Then I flicked my lashes with my fingers a few times to see if it would smear or flake. It passed all those tests. Lashes look long, lush, and feathery, but still real. The only remaining test is how it holds up on the dance floor. Due to long work hours this week, I may not have a chance to do this test for a while. I'm glad the formulation has changed since I was in! This is much better!

  10. and that last post was our new product tester and her review on the Ultimate Mascara in black!

    and we know it is a fair and unbiased opinion!

    Miranda thanks for all your fun input here!

  11. hey, that's not such a bad idea, a product tester and review - you up for the job, Miranda??

  12. I think I reviewed the lipstick too, but I can summarize again:
    Color: awesome. Violet...something?
    Pigmentation: very good.
    Moisture and texture: very good.
    Scent: very good.
    Long lasting-ness: average (same as, say, Revlon)

    I review pretty much every makeup product I try, on my blog or elsewhere. Aromaleigh has places to post reviews to their site so I do that. Stuff that you send me will also be reviewed. :)

  13. Stay tuned for future product reviews from Miranda!


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