Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pink Truth: Mary Kay Women Don't Deserve Privacy... because we said so

Pink Truth loves invading privacy... in the name of "their" "truth"

I can't do anything about the fact that Pink Truth could care less about getting permission from the people they love to slander. This woman wrote a personal email to her friends and family. (Assuming that this is not a made up email.)

Not knowing anything about her audience and the relationship that she has with them, one would think that anyone publishing such a message would be, at the very least, cautious about what they assume, but we are talking about Pink Truth, so I suppose we should not be surprised.

Nonetheless, because it has been published, and because Pink Truth has had the chance to rip this girl to ribbons with their assumptions, I believe that it can at least be used as a case study.

It seems to me that there are elements of this email that reflect the way most of the readers on this site feel:

The way I'm going to finish DIQ is to meet ALOT of women.

This is the bottom line. You really need to meet a lot of women in order to progress.

There are also a lot of things that will make most readers here uneasy:

...and you'll be doing me an enormous favor. Seriously, second to prayer this is my biggest need.

So, keep in mind that this may not represent an actual person but that it may, in fact, represent a real person with real feelings that sent this to real people that knew her a lot better than anyone on the internet does.

All of that being said, any thoughts? This should be a good one from everyone.


  1. To be fair, they don't reveal the person's name or location or any other identifying information. It's also a really generic letter with no personal details that could be embarrassing if it got out (health problems, etc).

    If it were a *personal* letter, this would be really troublesome. However, this kind of letter is more like an advertising flyer than a personal missive. I doubt anyone will be hurt by this being shown.

  2. I agree Miranda. I was not trying to suggest that the person would suffer personally as a result of this post. I was referring to the more general way in which Pink Truth assumes that they do know this woman personally and, as such, have some sort of moral authority on which to base their condemnations.

    I am sure that if you think over the comments that you have left even on this site, there are some things you have said that, if taken out of context on another site (or in some different aspect of your life) could paint a picture of you that is not at all true.

    Whether or not you suffered personally from such a misuse of your words would be irrelevant to the idea that someone was drawing conclusions about you that were inaccurate, and, based on those inaccurate conclusions, "proving" their point of view was the "truth". It is the latter problem that I am attempting to shed some light on, not (*necessarily) the former.

    Hope that helps.

  3. they sort of did reveal or imply the husbands name didnt they? That could be an identifying point which could be an ivasion of privacy. Someone could recognize it.

    I dont think there is anything wrong with the gyst of this letter. She is asking for help and support. You should ask for what you want. So many of us are taught that this is wrong, just like many women are not comfortable asking for payment when they sell Mary Kay. I dont know why that is, but many women were brought up to believe that its wrong, but then they wonder why they rarely get their needs met.
    But in this letter she is leaving it up to them. If they want to help her fine, if not then thats fine too. She is also letting them know what will be going on with her for the next few months. DIQ can be grueling and it sounds like she is preparing her friends for what she will be trying to acomplish.

    I respect the letter and thought it was tasteful, not begging.

    My other concern is that I would be very angry if I had written this letter and then found out that it was on PT so the antimk crowd could mock it. That would mean that someone that I trust in my MK circle is really not that trustworthy at all. I would try to find out who it is and tell her to just send her product back if she doesnt want do this business and if she hates it so much that she has to trash it behind the backs of others.
    That is, if its a real letter at all.

  4. If one wants help, one must ask for it, or who will know that you want any? I guess she shouldn't have written a letter so there was no pressure and they could respond if they wanted to, she should have done what pt says all of us mkers do - she should have hounded them to death, called them a gizillion times, brought up MK every time they had a conversations so that noone ever wanted to be around her and ran when they saw her coming because that's what they did when they were in MK and now since it didn't work for them, let's make fun of a letter to one's family and friends that doesn't put them on the spot.


    I see no benefit of this post, except for being able to mock what sounds like a very sweet individual. If the "true" mission of pt was to help help others, posts like this would not exist.

  5. I actually did have my email hacked several years ago and have my personal health problems and other things distributed to nearly the entire civilized world. It was a disaster. I ended up changing jobs.

    Five years down the road: A stupid, mean script kiddie hacked a (former) blog of mine and lifted/distorted selected information. I don't give a crap that some idiot was stating that 1. I'm gay (I'm not; I'm bi) 2. I look like a frog (that's ludicrous) and more stuff like that...what got me is the actual hacking part. If I lock a post and someone breaks encryption or an enemy is posing as a friend, that's pretty serious. Didn't like that at all. My main fear was that this person could also obtain financial information and perform fraud and identity theft.

    If PT posted, say, a message I sent to my friends saying "Hey! Go look at this awesome jacket on chicstar.com, and if you choose to buy something we will both get a discount if you mention my name." That's kind of like advertising... if they posted that and mocked it, I would be mildly peeved. I would be "fark you guys!" but it's not something that would really feel like a violation.


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