Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Same but Different?

This is taken from the heading - Another Sales Director in Denial on PT

One of the things that does tend to bother me is the way many of the posters make fun of anyone who can't spell (when in most cases it is a typo versus a spelling error). This should be a little entertaining: because it appears if it is not only kaybots that can not spell....

The post below is from the poster that goes by gotheart: (else where in the posts there is a heckler making fun of kaybots and their spelling)- do you think one would mention about the many "oopses" in the email below? If you are anti-mk are you only able to see misspelled words in the posts that disagree with you?

Here is her post:
There is nothing in your above email statement that can have any worth, value, credibility until YOU fork over you numbers.
Lets have YOUR weekly tally of all your SCC.
Lets have the members of YOUR unit express all the training they have received from watching YOUR SSC.
Your have so many SCC that you are dovetailing your appointments to help build your unit.
You are so successful with all your SCC and dovetailing that I can not even imagine why ya'd have time to
express YOUR experience of those failing with their businesses, in your unit.
You have women that are not successful in your unit? Even with all of your dovetailing? Wonder why?
I would like for your to expose to YOUR unit the tally of your 2008 expenses, 1099, and Schedule C, and income and number of SSC.
Then we can talk about YOUR experience in MK. so hand over your numbers.
Until then you have absolutely no credibility, and no right to slam the women that have had a true revelation evaluation of their MK experience.
You do not know you ass from a hole in the ground. (nice.....-real class)

- end of post -

- and if you want to see a cat fight make sure you don't miss this read as we see some real go-give behavior and even a little name calling thrown in.

Another little chuckle is we are always accussed about being stalkers because we may talk to strangers about MK etc... but it is not considered stalking if you mail your pt opinion of MK to the mailing list of others, put cards in bathroom stalls, copy, paste, and send pt posts to people that haven't asked for them. Are those individuals not doing the exact same thing they accuse the MK Stalkers of doing?

The double standards just continue to pile up - read for awhile and almost ever statement is contradicated -

In this thread it seems that one is justified to be rude, treat people poorly, use foul language as long as you are overcoming an abusive past. The behavior in that thread is not something to be proud of. My question, if you can justify this type of behavior because you are "finding your voice" - can't a nsd or director "justify" poor decision because they need to make production? - Aren't they both called "excuses"?

Some story, I personally thought the letter from the director sounded fair, especially since it was in reply to what may have been a not so nice email.

How about some chatter and feedback?


  1. I was reading that little spat with some amusement yesterday.

    Punctuation. Use it. Granted, everyone makes typos online, but when I see a repeated pattern of the same errors, I have to ask myself if they teach grammar and spelling in school anymore. I would also like to direct PT to this invaluable resource: That's the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I see more malapropisms on that site. Allow me to insert a "Princess Bride" reference: "That word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means."

    Ahem...Wouldn't you agree that education is good for everybody?

    OK, enough copyeditor snark. I have to get some work done here.

  2. What really upset me about this is the fact that the director sent a fairly stated letter (Mk cliche or not) when a company sends termination letters those are form letters at best. The director in my opinion DID reach out to this woman and stated why SHE was happy in MK. She didnt close the door to her former consultant or tell her to go away. One thing that amazes me is when these letters or rebuttals are written some of the PT'ers claim they send it to the whole unit and that is not right (unless you are a director) I do think a unit deserves to know why their mentor is stepping down. These women are grown they can make the decision as to whether they want to stay in MK or leave it is NOT the job of a disgruntled consultant to destroy a unit or take others with her out of malice!

    If PT feels they are warning people and are a resource for those who want to vent that is one thing but to snark about how people are in the "pink fog" and in some casese I agree some are in the fog is downright nasty and malicious. I want to know why everyone wants to see a schedule C!
    That doesnt always prove anything.
    If I were a director I would NOT put a schedule c up blacked out or not! There are some directors in MK who still hold down full time jobs and the directorship is a part time job for them so if a director puts up her schedule C and it comes out to 15,000 a year they will state that she cant make a living off of MK full time so there is no chance that its a livable income OR they may not know she has another job so they will claim she is living at a poverty level standard. That is why Mary Kay (and others) say dont compare yourself to other people.

    An income of 100,000 a year for me is riches an income of 100,000 to Donald Trump is a welfare check.

  3. We are always taught that "school is never out" - I learned that if I ever type a comment while I am "ticked off" that those more than anything should be proofed before you hit submit.

    I concur that I couldn't help but get a little chuckle when you are tearing someone apart and there are typos, and "you" instead of "your" type of mistakes it doesn't quite have the same effect.

    I reserved the right to continue to hope everyone can figure out what I write when I post because often I think faster than I type and then when I proof it, I read what I had intended to type instead of what I did type - one reason, I will not make fun of another for having a typo or spelling error. It is always easier to see the mistakes of others before we see our own.

  4. To continue you with your thought colleen - if the only way we are to be believed if we are making money, than I think the same rules should apply to those who claim they lost money. Show your Schedule C's.

    The proof for many on pt is that there are many "successful ex-directors on pt" - Cadillacs, top trips, etc... if they were so successful, please show me the Schedule C's for those years to prove you actually were successful, not that you appeared to be successful. (if you were thousands and thousands in debt but were a Cadillac driver, personally, imho, that does not make you successful.

    If one wants to hold up the fact that there are many ex successes as their "proof" - to only seems fair that they prove they were successful.

    One can only assume, that if they were still making money at the end - maybe their judgement on their ethical behavior would not have become so crystal clear.


    Appearance and reality can be two very different things. For many years when we were a Grand Prix/Saturn unit, I choose to take the Cash Comp and not the MK car - I am sure many who didn't know me well assumed that I hadn't even earned the Company car. I drove a vehicle I like and paid for it with the Co. money and guess what? - at the end of 4 years, I owned the car free and clear. So I may not have appeared "successful" to some based on their perceptions but I was very content with the results.

    and I really do tire of pt telling me that I am in a fog and feeling sorry for me - also telling me that I am unethical and what I think and do. Some of us are capable of thinking for ourselves and marching to our own drummer. I do love what I do, but my thinking is based on reality.

  5. MK4me point well taken but IF someone puts up their income/schedule C or whatever at least in THAT forum here is what you will hear,

    -thats not after taxes
    -thats not after meeting expenses, and the cost of the suit, and newsletters, yada yada.
    -the car is counted as income
    -that doesnt take into account gas

    I can guarantee you that if someone puts up a schedule c or income or anything of any proof (say its 130,000 for the year) they will claim she only made 40,000 after expenses. I have seen it happen and Im sure Miranda has too. You cant win with them. But you have a point well taken.

  6. I do agree with you Colleen. I would like to point out that if you are self-employed - many items are tax deductible: without going over the details, items like business meals, mileage, portion of cell phone, internet fees,seminar cost, meeting registrations, rent on a training center, and home office expense, etc. These items are deducted and then the net profit or loss is report and taxes are paid on the net profit.

    When you are receiving a paycheck, you earn a wage, taxes are deducted. This is your net income. From this income - you need to pay, the cost of getting yourself to and from work, all your own meals, if you bring lunch or eat out at lunch, all the clothes you were to the office every day, babysitters if you have kids, etc... So to compare - one would need to take the salary from a job and deduct all of the expense to have that job and then compare it to the bottom line of a self employed person's Schedule C - to get a more realistic comparison.

    Also, when offered a job with a salary of $50,000/yr this is the wording used before taxes, medical insurance deductions, etc....

  7. Well once you subtract my living expenses from my income the bottom line is zero. lol


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