Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Organizing Referrals & Leads

This is something I have struggled with in the past so I wanted to share how I have managed to keep my leads and referrals organized instead of playing the pile up until you throw them away game. Hope this information is helpful for someone.

When using the backside of the profile cards, where you clients can list the names of up to five friends of ladies they think would be interested in Mary Kay, a desk can become a little disorganized if the profile cards aren't filed alphabetically be the clients name but if we file them, then it makes it difficult to remember who may have given you referrals, so what to do?? (If you are giggling because it doesn't seem like a chore... then it is only because there isn't enough profile cards to be worried about. When working and seeing enough faces this can get overwhelming if you want to be good at follow up.

Making sure you have your client's name on the top of the backside of the profile card, simply make a photocopy of it. Then the profile card can be filed appropriately and the photocopy can be put in a 3 ring binder to be kept nice and organized, when using a 8 x 11 page of paper, there is room under the profile card for notes on the contacts.

For leads obtained from a fair, drawing, or the little info cards, organization and follow up can also become quite a chore as well - I use a scrapbook (because the pages are firmer) but even just a spiral 3 subject notebook works great. Simply tape the slip to a page in the notebook. There will be plenty of space to the right of the slip to write notes as you attempt to make your contacts. I use the subjects based on whether the lead is interested in a facial, a party, or Company information. Once the contact is made and the appointment booked or the lead is no longer interested, the slip can be removed from the book.

The other nice thing about this system is: if you are going to be some place with plenty of time and nothing to do, we can just grab the notebook and take it with us!

If we take the time to get the lead, it is smart to follow up. I am guilty myself of having so many leads that I haven't gotten to that after I get sick of looking at them and feeling guilty that I haven't contacted them yet and too embarrassed to contact them because of the time lag, I have just thrown them in the garbage, and that... is NOT good for future business or my image as a professional that follows up on a contact. That is when I came up with this system and it has helped me tremendously.

Hope this helps!!


  1. This really has nothing to do with this post (which I find to be excellent) but I was curious with the way the economy is right now do you have a LOT or SOME women buying roll up bags? Or do you promote the roll up? Thanks MK4ME or anyone else who wants to answer.

  2. Love the post! Being a personal user of the Spiral notebook method and struggling with the same issue I highly recomend it! I use 3 note books 1- for warm chats 1- for Class referals 1- for Fishbowl/Fairbooth contacts. I use removable scrapooking adhesive to attached them in my notebook and it is great for grab and go!


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