Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Question

I was asked with the economy the way it is, has it effected my sales? Surprisingly enough, the answer is "no". I have been very consistent for several years. I still sell a lot of roll ups when I do appointments but they usually tend to be the 4 pocket "Princess of Quite A Lot" as opposed to the 6 Pocket "Queen of Everything". I have always liked this approach because it is a great place to start and then the client can continue to add products and see the improvements as she adds new products.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!


  1. MK4ME,

    Could you share what your different sets are? What constitutes a "Princess of Quite a Lot" as opposed to a "Queen of Everything"?

    Do you discount these sets?

    Personally, I use the set sheet in the Beauty Book insert and say if they choose 4 or more sets (the Ultimate Miracle Set = 3 & the Miracle Set = 2) then they get the Roll-Up Bag for free and almost never sell that. I don't discount any of it.

    Can you give us more information?


  2. copy of placemat and info forthcoming, I promis, just have been very busy!! Have a great day!!


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