Monday, April 12, 2010

Your thoughts/prayers/wishes please

Sorry I've been absent, people. I've been spending the last week sitting in a hospital ICU with breaks only for sleep and food. Mr. Gothboy's baby brother was in a motorcycle crash. He had forgotten his helmet, and a truck ran through a red light and bashed straight into him. His skull is cracked in various places and so is his pelvis. He will recover physically. Mentally, the jury is still out. It will take months to know.

We spent most of our money helping him with living expenses so he would not get evicted and have his utilities shut off while he was in the hospital. Then I did my taxes, and of course, I owe because I work 3 jobs and two of them don't take out the taxes beforehand because I am an independent contractor. X( I will sell investments to get the money to pay my taxes. Tell me that ain't wrong?

Anyway, I'll manage...but please keep Baby Bro in your thoughts. He has a hard road ahead.


  1. my thoughts are with you Miranda...

  2. thinking of you and yours... how are things going?

  3. He is recovering mentally, thank heavens. It took a long time for him to regain full consciousness. We were especially concerned about brain damage. Going back to see him this weekend, leaving after work.


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