Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is "The Truth"

I often am surprised at how fast people will jump on the bandwagon after reading a few paragraphs. As I read the negative sites that are professing to tell the truth, the first thing that I question is how can conflicting statements all be the truth?

One of the first statements we read is that : no one wants to buy Mary Kay and noone wants to pay the money for it. So then how is it that others say, they could sell plenty of Mary Kay, the problem was with the expenses, they couldn't make a profit? Then I have read that some sold plenty, made money but did not care for the "untruthes" told by some of the sales people.

How is it possible that all three are possible? These statements all contradict each other. Obviously there are multiple versions of truth.

Other statements I read on negative sites: "Mary Kay products are great but the company structure is not", "the products are okay but not worth the money", and "the products are awful and Wet 'n Wild is just as good" (lol) -oops sorry for that- again - mean streak came out... conflicting statements. Suggestion: if anyone is considering becoming a consultant, please love and believe in the product, or don't even bother, how can you expect others to buy something you wouldn't be willing to buy yourself? Why would you even want to sell it unless it was just what you could gain from it (basically greed). If one is low enough to not care for the product but is willing to take the money from her family and friends, perhaps it is the character of the individual that led to her failure in MK, people do not want to do business with people that they can not trust.

Some had awful directors, some had great directors, some were the awful directors and some were the good directors... so how is it that "ALL" directors are liars and cheats.

Many of us in MK are not pushy, manipulating, obnoxious, or cheaters. I am sure there are many that are. I don't have to push or stalk or beg people to try or buy my products. I am respected for what I do and how I do it and who I am. People are not laughing at me. I am sorry this happened to some of them but perhaps it was their behavior that made people react that way towards them. I still receive invitations to gatherings, events, etc.. no one runs when they see me coming but perhaps I know enough not to let every word come out of my mouth be MK this, and MK That, and MK this.... I have a very full life and Mary Kay is just piece of it. I am sure if I had crammed mk down people's throats every time I was around them, the invites would evaporate very rapidly.

As I read about one ex-mker who wanted to go to a unit meeting and put negative website business cards on all the windshields of all the consultant's cars, perhaps it shows the type of behavior that turned people off while she was a consultant? If she will stalk once she is out of Mary Kay, would it surpise anyone to find out she was one of those obnoxious MK stalkers while she was a consultant?

The statement that 99% of all consultants loose money? Where is the proof of this? Typing the statement over and over again does not make it true. If a consutlant joins as a personal use consultant to save money on her products, it doesn't mean she lost money because she didn't make any. Her purpose was to save money on her purchases. - I believe the statement is meant to mean that 99% of the people that join an mlm will loose money... I still have seen no PROOF of that either but!! if that is what is being use to justify 99% of people in MK loose money, it does not back that percentage up. Loads of the companies could be loosing 100% and some may only have 10 or 20% loosing money because the 99% figure would be an average of all companies....so it does not mean that every mlm would have only 1% making money.

I am still in shock every time I read a new visitor to the negative sites... that is ready to quit because it sounds just like what they have been experiencing. If they are actually reading everything how do they not question what they are reading. It can't be both ways.


  1. They need to realize that any sort of aggressive tactics will turn people off. Stick PT cards all over their windows and what will happen is a parking lot full of discarded PT cards. I never, ever patronize a business that advertises by sticking unwanted crap on my car. People have internet. People have Google. People can look for information that they want very easily. How (not) awesome is "I think you are too stupid to research stuff on your own, so I, who am totes brilliant, will stick this junk on your car and tell you where you need to look and what you need to believe."

    Someone is going to end up in the ER extracting a spiked heel from a sensitive area.

  2. lol... now that is funny right theaarree...

  3. And many towns actually have ordinances against flyers on windshields. So go ahead, put a flyer on my car. If you get caught by the cops, you'll get a ticket.

    I couldn't agree with your statement above about using and loving MK products if you're going to sell them. I tell this to my consultants - you better LOVE this product and don't even think of pulling out Brand X lip gloss. Someone WILL see you and you'll lose your credibility. They may not tell say so to your face, but they'll quietly question you and may give you less business or stop doing business with you. Yes, really. I would. If I walked up to the Mac counter at Macy's and asked the woman behind the counter what her fabulous lip gloss was and she said Wet and Wild, but was pushing Mac on me, I'd laugh in her face. Not being mean, just a reality. If you don't use the products and believe in them, no one else will either.

  4. Darci... I don't know why you couldn't agree with my statement... I went back and put my opinion in bold... the other sentences are opinions that conflict that I read on the negative sites. I think we are on the same page. ?? yes??

  5. lol, mk4me... I think (I could be wrong) but I think that Darci meant I couldn't agree MORE... but probably forgot to add the "more" at the end of "...with your statement above about using and loving MK products if you're going to sell them..."

    If Darci is anything like me, she got caught up in the thought and it flowed real well in her mind... I had to re-read that as well and that is my take on it... in context.

    Darci, correct me if I am wrong here!

    ((see guys, i do read the posts and comments)) ;-)

  6. Yes. MORE. I couldn't agree MORE. We are TOTALLY on the same page. Stupid fingers type faster than I can read what I write. Ugh!

    You simply MUST LOVE LOVE LOVE MK products if you think you've got a snowball's chance of successfully building a MK business because first and foremost this business is about the product. As Mary Kay herself always said, "nothing happens until someone sells something."

    Despite what those folks over at PT claim, lots of people LOVE MK products. If they didn't, then why do I routinely do $300-400/week in just REORDERS? I don't know anyone who is buying stuff (especially in this economy) they don't need/want/love.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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