Friday, July 16, 2010

New Recycling Program at Seminar!

Another round of Applause for Mary Kay for doing their part!!
(from Intouch)

When you’re packing your bags for Dallas, don’t forget: At Seminar, we’re kicking off a brand new recycling initiative designed to generate even more momentum for our ongoing Pink Doing GreenSM efforts! We’re collecting empty flip-top caps and color refill cases at Seminar and at all Company special events and Mary Kay branch locations. Just look for the recycling bins!

As part of our ongoing commitment to Pink Doing GreenSM, Mary Kay Inc. will plant one tree in the United States in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service for every 10 flip-top caps and/or color refill cases received by Mary Kay Inc. through December 2011 -- up to 100,000 trees.
Got to Intouchfor a full list of eligible products.

You’ll also have the option to mail in your empty flip-top caps and color refill cases if you either don’t make it to Seminar or if you don’t live near a branch location. Please note the following, whether you’re bringing these items to Seminar or mailing them to the Company:

Detach flip-top caps from the main package or tube. Rinse caps and refill cases thoroughly of any product residue. If mailing, enclose in an appropriately sized envelope or box. You can mail your empty flip-top caps and color refill cases to:

Mary Kay Inc.
Caps and Cases Program
Attn: Carlos Troncoso
1330 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

In advance, thank you for your ongoing support of Pink Doing GreenSM!


  1. I hate to say this, but I think this is ridiculous. The color cases are recyclable by my local village and I'm not going to take my time to collect them or spend the money to mail them to Dallas or drive them to the branch.

    I honestly believed that ALL of our tubes and glass bottles were recyclable, but it turns out, they're not. NOTHING except the color refill cases have recycling codes. In this day and age, that's inexcusable. If MK wants to make a real impact, they'll make all of our product tubes and glass bottles recyclable.

    I've written Mary Kay about this.

    I understood and supported the compact recycling program a couple of years ago, but this, I just don't think I can get behind. I live sort of near a branch and when we were switching compacts, I gave my clients a discount to switch to the new compact and give me their old ones to recycle. I drove those to the branch when I picked up my orders. But the difference to me was that those compacts could not go into regular recycling because of the mirrors.

    I hardly sell any color now. My clients don't really like it. The product size is 1/2 of what it was and the mineral powders are very dusty.

  2. Mary
    I appreciate your frankness. I dont know enough about recycling to comment but I will say that people are going gaga (no offense to Lady GaGa) over the mineral stuff. Mary Kay to me a few years ago had the market on color and you are right the product has gotten much smaller. I loved the silver compacts I wish they had not done away with them. People who constantly buy color and I mean constantly but a lot if it anyway (right Miranda!) MK has staying power in the color cosmetics department but I think the majority of the ones that sell are neutral. The economy has changed things and the market for color is there but not in adundance in my opinion. I could be wrong but at least they have made some kind of effort to go green. When it comes to breast cancer they were always on top.

  3. I would like to extend a few words on the working progress of flip top caps in India.


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