Friday, July 23, 2010

Staying intouch

Hello Balanced Buddies!! I don't want to loose all our readers from boredom but I have a super busy weekend and then getting ready for Seminar so the next week or so the posts may be a little sparse. I will do my best to come up with something interesting and of course after I get back from Seminar you will have some fun stuff to read. I would love your input.. Either privately email me or post a comment here - what are some topics/subject, etc... that you would like to see?

For anyone newer to MK or looking at MK - I do stronger recommended building a strong customer base and then build your team. Mary Kay always said book, sell, book, recruit.... she didn't say, book recruit, recruit, recruit... if you are in MK to make "full time money" you will have to be working with both aspects but the sales should come first. 50% of a sale will put more money in your pocket than 4,9, or 13% of the order from a team member, especially if they are only joining for personal use. Once you have a client, make sure you take good care of them..
Last night while I was busy doing several things at one time none MK, I received two calls - one I was able to take the other one went to voice mail.... 2 reorders from clients.... total was almost $300 retail....I don't care who you are or how long you have been in MK, that there is still exciting!! (I am talking about a 10 minute time frame). So an important part of this business is always cherish your clients.

Seriously, I truly enjoy my clients and I know they appreciate me.. the other night one of my clients wanted to stop by and check out the new colors. When she arrived... she said I have a little something for you.... while on a trip she a found a quaint little gift shop and said when she saw this she just had to buy it for me. In a beautiful little gift bag, I unwrapped the cutest pin (elegant) with a little lipstick, nail polish, mirror, and heart on it.. very nicely done.. and then a little laminated card... she said to me, I think they wrote it for you... .... . can I even begin to explain how great that made me feel? as Mary Kay always said, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care..... so remember, always try to treat others as you would like to be treated..

...God bless my Mary Kay Consultant who does more than give a facial.
She dotes upon her clients and makes them feel special, goes the extra mile in pleasing customers, Appreciates the business they happily refer. She always
hands out samples and has a smile to share.. Loves to book home parties in her
leather calendar..
She's a consultant for your beauty, an angel in disguise, she's an Mary Kay
Consultant, A Bumble Bee that has learned to fly.... Mary Kay.....

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!!

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  1. Its things like this that let me know you are one of the best directors out there. People should follow your lead no matter what business you are in.


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