Thursday, January 7, 2010

From one of our Readers

First, I would like to say I love the way you explain what you feel about what you have acheived with your MK opportunity. Next, I love the reason for your question, you are concerned about helping others avoid bad situations. I would just like to applaud you for that style of thinking. I would love to share my opinion on some of this and will but I will be attending Leadership Conference in San Diego this week and must get things in order to leave and have things on the homefront run smoothly while I am away. So if I have free time while I am away I will continue and if I am just having too much fun and learning too much, I will pick up this thread upon my return.

tunisha said...
I have been a consultant with Mary Kay since August of 2007 and I have gotten out of my business what I've put into it. I thank you who had negative experiences for sharing because I am ready to move up in the Mary Kay ranks at this point in my career and I NEVER wanted to be "the pushy Mary Kay lady." Reading your experiences helps me with my approach as a genuine and honest recruiter, so I know I'm on the right track. There are definitely consultants and directors out there that are less than honest and ethical in their approaches to booking and recruiting, but I wouldn't generalize that group as the norm. There are many women, who I personally know, who make a living with Mary Kay and then some, women who make a good part time supplemental income, and woman who have a lot of product just sitting around. My question to the women who's case is the latter is "how did you end up in that situation?" so that I can be sure to help my recruits avoid that. Thank you for sharing.


  1. OT but I want a shiny blue brain!

    Microderm arrived yesterday. Thanks! I will try out that moisturizing cream over the weekend, also.

  2. More to the they ended up in that situation is either of two ways.

    1. They tried to buy their own production/prizes/etc. Bad move.

    2. They got crummy guidance and didn't know any better. That was me about 15 years ago. My director did my first order and the stuff she put in there was a total disaster. Orange lipstick anyone? After that I was playing catch up to try to order stuff that ppl would actually buy, however, I was still guessing because I didn't have anyone to give me good advice. My director had a lot of problems it seems.


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