Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photo Shoot w/ Mary Kay Makeup

This is a photo of our Miranda, I am posting it with her permission.... her message to me is below... please note this is NOT retouched. Now how awesome is both Miranda's skill with makeup and the products?

Makeup is all MK. I did a natural look. Photo is not retouched. You may post if you wish. :)


  1. I think I did my eybrows too pale! Would've actually looked more natural doing them darker...ah well. The rest of it pleases me greatly.

  2. I think it looks great... ok...maybe just a tad darker on the eyebrows so it synced with your hair... but your skin looks so good people would think it was airbrushed and the rest flawless and no way, no how, do you look your age!

  3. Same thing you do: liquid foundation, then minerals over it. I also still had a highlighter sample that went on my cheeks and browbones. That lip gloss you sent me with the perfume roller on the other end...precious pink and raisin eyeshadow. A medium brown shadow (forget the name) for the brows, and that was a mistake. The lighting in my bathroom is lousy. But next time I know. And Sunny Spice blush. I lined with shadow so it would be soft. Espresso I think. Ultimate mascara. I think that's pretty much it except that I contoured certain places with a small amount of dark powder, blended well.

  4. luv thet tat! u look like a painting, skin is flawless


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