Monday, March 23, 2009

Product Reviews by Miranda

Well, we have our non-biased reviews of the first few products that she is testing.... I am going to have David encourage her to become an author so that she can post at will.... but I am moving this from where she put her comment to give it its own topic. Thanks Miranda!

Today I tried:

Cream to powder foundation: I tried Ivory .5 and Ivory 1. I had to think pretty hard about this, but for the summer, I will go with the slightly darker Ivory 1. .5 would be right for the winter.

The foundation blended in really well. no oily eww. No cakiness. No smell. no irritation. It really does look and feel just like perfect porcelain skin. (yes, I ran my hands over my face after it set to see if it rubbed off or felt greasy.) I applied extra with my finger to conceal; didn't need separate concealer. This is a winner. MK has sure come a long way with their foundations.

Lipstick: I tried black cherry. The "black" part is a bit of a misnomer IMHO: It's beautiful, don't get me wrong...but it's more of a bright fresh red. In fact, it's blood red. The texture is very nice and the pigmentation is high. Easy application, no drag/catch on dry skin, no odor, smooth/even color.
(note: plush violet a limited edition from the past got a thumb's up for her club nights)

continuing with the fruit colors here...I tried Sweet Plum eyeshadow. This is like purple with an undertone of black. It's very intense, highly pigmented. It blends easily, but it doesn't come right back off when you blend it, either. I *did* try it with eye primer. That's how I wear all my eyeshadow. No irritation, no fallout.

Amethyst eyeliner: smooth texture, no drag/skip, average pigmentation level. It's a muted purple, like the eyeshadow I just described but less intense. Suitable for wear on the lower lid; I always do black on top.

Blush: Cherry blossom. Holy pigmentation, batman! I barely tapped my brush on the sample card and applied very lightly. That's all you need. It looks like a natural flush of color from dancing; if your skin is pale, go really lightly with this. It blended very smoothly, too.

I'll see how I look throughout the evening in terms of how the makeup lasts on my skin. I'll be standing over a hot stove so that will put it to the test.

March 23, 2009 2:51 PM


  1. It all passed the clubbing test.

  2. I had Miranda try the cream to powder first because of her "requirements" for a foundation and ease of carrying with you.

    I love the fact that we have choices, because we know that "one size fits all" is never true! ha

    Thank you Miranda, I think this is going to be fun to see your comments.

  3. Miranda said...
    More reviews: Coastal colors eyeshadows. I tried them today.

    colors: very vivid, high pigment, easily blendable, has stayed on and looked good all day. I did use primer.

    browbone: honey spice.
    Lid: coastal green.
    Crease: coastal brown.

    This is a good combo for brown eyes. The green makes the brown "pop".

    Lipstick: I tried strike a pose rose. This is definitely on the cool side of the spectrum. If your skin is yellow toned, and you wear this, try adding a beigey lip gloss on top of it.

    This color is long lasting. It is also moisturizing. It's of medium darkness; not dark, not pale.

    Instead of blush I used a mineral powder...I remember the french name, la vie en rose. I forget the english one. It works great as a light blush for a natural cheek look.

  4. Miranda reports:
    I tried 2 more things last night. Facial cleansing cloths and timewise normal to dry moisturizer. The cloth (I used half of one) cleaned my face very thoroughly. I was pretty impressed by the moisturizer. It was non greasy, soaked right in, and my skin feels soft and not rough for once. But not greasy. Very not greasy.


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